Archive for August 3rd, 2008

I decided to actually get up at a “reasonable” sleep schedule hour and “commit” to getting some things done.

What that translated to was applying for four jobs online.

It’s just not that easy.

You need to do more research. It’s not like just shooting off your resume in a simple email.

It took several hours just to do only those four.

I buggered off in the evening to have a bit of beer and try and deviate. Do something else. Do some *cough cough* “creative” writing.


Now I’m just feeling totally lost and antsy and again…whatever.

I am so tempted to head back out and just blast my brain with more alcohol.

How do you spell stress?

I really don’t give a toss how you spell it!

In fact, there is no way to spell it.

There are no words for it.

Thank you very much.