Archive for August 4th, 2008

Well, wasn’t I just charming last night? *rolls eyes* Oh, dear.

Today, not much more accomplished in the work department but that is fine. It is a holiday in my neck of the woods so it’s not like anyone will be around anyway. But it’s not like that means I can take time off myself from continuing to apply for jobs.

I decided to spend some time actually tending to my completely out of control flat! I don’t really know if I made much of a dent in that area though either! Ugh. So some laundry, a bit of a tidy…where? Where else did I tidy…? Oh, the bathroom! Yes, a bit of a tidy of the bathroom… *rolls eyes again*

Anything else of merit? Oh, I met the new neighbours who moved in next door. A nice couple maybe somewhere around my age? They were having a BBQ with some friends. Cool.

You should all be happy to hear (or some of you?) that I have uploaded the pictures of the wild animal rescue/sanctuary that I went to some time ago that I haven’t yet blogged about. It’s taken me some time to get the folder semi-organised and what not for mailing to folks. I took a lot of pictures! Also, my lovely “Researcher” is going to do some editing, cropping of some with me in them to post here, if possible. That may take some time as well. My Adobe Suite is buggered. Thanks for helping me, honey. *wink*

I was going to write the post tonight but just trying to deal with all of the photos and the file took ages. Then I was thinking about the pictures to add… If I did it now, would I then have to do an updated version with more in that post?

Hmmm… At that point it was starting to take up not just more time but a little bit too much mental energy as well!

So, it’s coming folks. Lovely “Researcher” and I will get to work on what ones we think are “blog worthy” and I’ll get her to do some fancy fixin.’

Alright then…just to let you know I haven’t forgotten and am getting closer!