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I got probably the biggest migraine I have ever had last night. I have no clue why. No particular Prodrome indicators (which is kind of ridiculous in itself as my Prodrome basically is my migraine–they come on so bloody fast!)


I came home–I fucking would have ran if the jostling wouldn’t have made it any worse–

…wait a minute. Gimme a goddamn, break. Could it have gotten any worse? Well, maybe. I could have started going blind, I suppose.

Anyway, as soon as I came in, I just lied down on the kitchen floor in a little ball. Wait, there’s nothing to put my head on. The floor’s so hard! Oh, yes…my head. I have a migraine. I have migraine meds. They are in the bathroom.

So into the bathroom I go and I choked down my Maxalt/Rizatriptan and some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate.

Next, a stumble into the living room and another wee ball of PA on the floor there. At least there was something soft on the floor in that room. It hurt so much I actually started crying. Was it the pain? The sheer frustration? Stress? The fact that I simply can not stand my brain?

Are you all asking why did I not just go to my bed?

I didn’t think I could walk the extra 20ft. or so because my head hurt that much.

So lying in the living room…oh, bugger! I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday (today.) Better call and leave a message to cancel that. Shit.

I actually have a call to make to a Headhunter who called me back regarding a resume I sent out. I’m going to wait a bit though…maybe? I mean, this is great news but when I got up a little while ago and had a bit of water, I immediately felt like I was going to completely throw up. I haven’t had a Migraine Hangover Day where I’ve thrown up since…1999. So, time for more Gravol. But that may make for a very stoned PA speaking to Ms. Headhunter!

So just to make sure everyone’s up to speed: sustained physical injury leaving PA bedridden for three days; seizure and three day Postictal state immediately following, leaving PA bedridden for the remainder of said week; migraine so painful, actually turns PA into crying foetal ball on floor. Is that it?

EDIT: no…not it! I forgot the awful tummy pain kicking up again!!!

Now all I can hope for is that I don’t start cycling madly all over the place. No. I’m deadly serious.

When I woke up this morning, for the first time in my life, I actually felt afraid of what my brain was capable of doing. Without any notice at all. I have NEVER felt that way. I have always taken my illnesses, diagnoses in stride.

That feeling has me a bit depressed. Great. Let’s just hope that feeling is my migraine Postdrome (or Hangover) and not some awful Bipolar slippage…