A Little Bit Late…Apologies, Catholic Guilt.

I went out with my friend P. that I met from hospital to day to go have dinner and see a movie.  Prior to that I was still trying to get shit done and I completely lost track of time! Bye, bye blog!

We went to see “The Catholic House of Hell” aka “Brideshead Revisited.”  I’ve never read the book so I really can’t say if the film was a decent adaptation or not.  However, Emma Thompson was in it as the “Evil Matriarch” and she hasn’t done much of late–at least not that I am aware of.  So that was a good point for me.  I’ve always loved Emma and I thought her performance was well done.

In fact, I thought all the actors did a great job.

Although, I found at the end? It did start to get kind of…I don’t know…corny?

The father of the family that ditched “Crazy-Ultra-Insane-Catholic-Emma” long ago, also ditched his Catholicism.  He came back to Brideshead to die.  Well, thank “god” his ex-wife had died!  There would be “hell” to pay then for sure! He initially denied having a priest at his bedside when dying and then all of the sudden “reverted” with his Last Rites!

WTF? Huh?

Again, I didn’t read the book so I don’t know if that is accurate or Hollywood.  But it ticked me off.

Maybe it’s just because I’m too much like Charles.  He was a Self-Professed Atheist.  So am I.  And that’s another thing that got my goat at the end.  After all the bullshit love tri-nangle between him and the brother he went to school with at Oxford first…and then his older sister who really was his love interest…

…in the end, she totally went back to her torturous beginnings of Catholicism!!!

Yes, yes…I understand the drama and all of that…

Pfft.  It just seemed kind of nonsensical to me–at least in this film version?

Maybe Spock started watching the flick toward the end… *laughing*


  1. LOL Spock’s take is a good ‘un. I see a lot of potential for some seriously funny reviews there.


  2. Hi Catatonic Kid, thanks love.

    You’ve given me yet again something to ponder…a “Spock Movie Review” section of my blog *laughing* I know I redirected you to the whole business of me (ahem, I mean Spock!) going back to Vulcan after analysing a YouTube to share with my fellow Vulcans.

    Hmmm…film reviews? Maybe?


    Note: for anyone out there reading who has no bloody clue just what the hell we’re talking about, you can get a grip on basically my “alter” here in this one post. To make it completely transparent, I write these when I slip into “logical” mode when I’m having a tough time dealing with my problems/issues. I try to use exactly that–logic–to sort things out and make decisions!



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