Archive for August 12th, 2008

…well, obviously you’re walking around with your eyes half open all day, you’ve consumed your mandatory four pints (yes…it has been four?) of tea…

…and then you find a 25mg tablet of Seroquel/Quetiapine in your bed later on in the afternoon.  I take 150mg to sleep at night but for some reason I’m taking a 100mg tab plus two 25mg tabs.  Old script or…I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Now, just what the hell is or was that doing there??? And I am quite sure I took my proper dose of 150mg last night.  Did I carry an extra one for “good luck?” Come, now.  That is just silly.  Was it stuck to my hand somehow? Well, no.  I just tossed all of them plus my nightly (as opposed to my 200mg daily dose), of 100mg of Topamax/Topiramate straight down my gullet with some water.  Although, maybe I was too out of it to notice.  But that’s one sticky little pill (and they are tiny!) to make it all the way from my bathroom to my bed!

How odd.  Perhaps not really, though.  If I did a thorough search, it may be more frightening as opposed to “odd” as to what else I could find in/on/under my bed.  It’s sort of a combined…well “bed,” office and clothes closet at the moment.  And apparently a pharmacy, too!

Indeed.  Truly exhausted today.  I do not quite know why.   Anxious, unfocused, edgy and nerve-wracked…

Alright.  Who was the prig who went to the horse track and tried to make my brain the damn Trifecta?! Seizure, then migraine and now my moods? Oh, you are so mean!!! That is just…oh, how could you even do such a thing?!

I just took a Valium/Diazepam a little while ago to try and calm the edginess.  Whoa…now that may be adding to my severely exhausted state…I feel like I’m about to tip over into my bedofficecloset…pharmacy? I guess I forgot to pour some of my Valium into my bed when I took it, huh?