Archive for August 13th, 2008

Okay, let’s try and write this up…I am so wiped.

They’re putting me through the paces with silly tests re: my abilities of computer skills (MS Office…) They have online ones that they send to you at home but for some reason they are not Mac compatible! Now, this completely astounds me. You would think that they would be. Why? Well, wouldn’t some of their clients want prospective employees to be Mac proficient?

I’m just tossing this up quickly as I am unbelievably exhausted. I went to “FMU” and for the first one (I am seeing another HeadHunter that sent me another online test–at least that one I knew wasn’t Mac compatible ahead of time.) Between fucking tech woes and just…crap, I kept “FMU” open after hours!

I didn’t even score that well but I don’t care. Probably “test anxiety” that I do have and just soooo tired. Not to mention all of the problems with even getting the damn thing running!

So, bigger day tomorrow. Much!

I didn’t even bother to dress professionally. I didn’t do my hair *rolls eyes* Actually, interesting point there. My curls are back with this cut? Wow!

I just wore some chinos basically and a Ralph Lauren Polo dress shirt–your basic business casual attire. Again, just too damn tired!

So, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get some rest. There is still SO much to do.

There may even be more to write for this post! More to do here! I just can’t even think right now.

I should probably eat too? Okay…after I write this…I will endeavor to drag myself to the kitchen for some dinner.