Archive for August 14th, 2008

A reader of my blog from England contacted me recently and was rather concerned about my problems, my plight…all of the things I have been dealing with.

He told me straight up: “Do you need me to kick some ass?”

“Well…” I responded, “…maybe. I’m having a pretty rough time.”

So let me introduce to you, the new addition. He has formed, “The nin-JAH Triumvirate!”

This is nin-JAH kitten!

And no! I didn’t make him a “thumbnail” because he is “A Force to be Reckoned With!” Cheese and Rice! He’d rip your “thumbnails” off in a nanosecond!

Gabriel… my nin-JAH partner in crime, have no fear. I have checked out his abilities and his capabilities…he is excellent! Also, he even has his own copy of “The Scared nin-JAH Texts!” So, you know he is up to our level of performance and of excellent calibre. Not to mention, he’s a sweet, little pussycat! So adorable! What a foil! Plus, he’s tinier than me! He may not even need the “nin-JAH pill form!”

Again…magic, don’t you think? A perfect nin-JAH to add to our “team?”

He is currently residing with me and we are working on our training together. Contact me when you wish to join us for a “retreat” and we shall all get better acquainted.