A Force to be Reckoned With

A reader of my blog from England contacted me recently and was rather concerned about my problems, my plight…all of the things I have been dealing with.

He told me straight up: “Do you need me to kick some ass?”

“Well…” I responded, “…maybe. I’m having a pretty rough time.”

So let me introduce to you, the new addition. He has formed, “The nin-JAH Triumvirate!”

This is nin-JAH kitten!

And no! I didn’t make him a “thumbnail” because he is “A Force to be Reckoned With!” Cheese and Rice! He’d rip your “thumbnails” off in a nanosecond!

Gabriel… my nin-JAH partner in crime, have no fear. I have checked out his abilities and his capabilities…he is excellent! Also, he even has his own copy of “The Scared nin-JAH Texts!” So, you know he is up to our level of performance and of excellent calibre. Not to mention, he’s a sweet, little pussycat! So adorable! What a foil! Plus, he’s tinier than me! He may not even need the “nin-JAH pill form!”

Again…magic, don’t you think? A perfect nin-JAH to add to our “team?”

He is currently residing with me and we are working on our training together. Contact me when you wish to join us for a “retreat” and we shall all get better acquainted.


  1. t

    i LOVE Nija kitty!!! Just coming down after another fun filled 4 day inpatient stay…od and cutting…charcoal and stiches…i have come to believe it must be my yearly crack-up…sigh.
    i am so sorry for not writing sooner and i know things have been mighty rough lately…again, i am sorry…no excuse for me.

    be well, sweet one, tracy


  2. You’re both adorable… which is lucky because that must always be one of the top weapons in the ninJAH arsenal.


  3. Hi t, good to see you. It’s been a while. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you went into hospital but it’s good that you were in a safe place. I hope you feel better soon!

    And not to worry about whether you have been “absent!” Oh, dear! It’s alright. And thank you for your support as always. Indeed, my life has not exactly been a bowl full of cherries re: the job business and some intermittent and rather stellar health problems? Good lord.

    I’m glad you like the new addition to our “Super nin-JAH Team.”

    Hi Gabriel…, oh thank you dahling… And same to you. We are the “Adorable nin-JAHs!” Now that puts a whole new (kick-ass-fighting-knock-you-down) spin on things, doesn’t it?

    Love it…just love it!


  4. Arkay

    Awesome, just awesome!!! LOL!


  5. Hi Arkay, yep…he’s awesome indeed!

    Or was it my post that you were referring to? *laughing*

    To be fair, when I found him I just couldn’t resist! From the UK so indeed, cost me a pretty penny but worth every bit!


  6. titaniumrose

    Too cute for words – an ass kicking kitty! What household is complete with one? :)


  7. Hi titainiumrose, an ass kicking kitty! Yes, everyone should have one!

    Are you referring to me?

    Just kidding. I know you’re taking about nin-JAH kitten. I just got up and haven’t had any tea yet.

    It’s not that I’m not funny without tea. I’m just funnier with it.

    Or not. *laughing*


  8. raginggenius

    That’s funny, you dig my dog? I paid 40$ for those sun glasses, that was back when I didn’t have much to do.


  9. Hi raginggenius, actually, I do like your dog. It’s a great avatar.

    When I had Mo (short for Mozart) my cat, I would always try to put a black bow tie on him as he was black with a white bib. It would have made him look like he was wearing a tuxedo.

    He’d have none of it, of course! Would always run away!


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