Archive for August 15th, 2008

NOTE: The Nutcase Bed Poll can be found on the right sidebar.

I was just curious so I had a wee peek at the current results. I had been checking it lately and the last time the results were a total of 34 votes and in the running were the categories of: “A Month Or More…Oh, Yeah!” and “I Have No Bloody Clue.” I think they may have been tied?

A couple of months ago, the results for the poll (plus some other silly numbers) can be found here. They have risen a bit so I am quite pleased!

Today, we’re up to a total of 36 votes with the above two categories (still) tied. 13 votes each–36% of the entire tally. You can click on the link, to both vote and see the results.

Wow. Interesting to see that our beds really go to hell when we do too? Well, a lot of things do I suppose but I put up the poll when I noticed my bed really going down the shitter at the same time my life was!

I’m still leaving this poll up. Maybe forever. I think it’s fun! Although, I also think it buggered up some widgets beneath it. My blogroll and such was never “bold” before.

Alas. The price you have to pay for just a little bit of fun in this world sometimes, eh? *wink*