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I met up with my friend J. tonight. I had to laugh because he sent me an email. The title?

“Can You Write?”

Well, that’s a bit of a loaded question, isn’t it? Most certainly, one I am not sure I can even answer! Good one, J.! You’ve got me there!

I opened the email and found out that he wanted me to write up a bio (and shoot a photo–he hates having his photo taken–but has allowed me to do it) for his company website. As I was reading I was like…sure, no problem. Then, I got to the part where he asked me for a “quote.”

What? Money? W00t!

Now, PA has never been published (apart from this self-published drivel that you are, or have been reading?) True, she has sent in submissions here or there but nothing has come to fruition. Fair enough. She doesn’t expect to earn a living as a writer. It’s a tough job unless you can score something in a certain type of field. Something ongoing, regular but even still–pressure, deadlines… Otherwise…even more tough going!

So, my question is this. Writing up a bio and shooting a photo (which qualifies more as a “freelance photographer” rather than “freelance writer…”) Does that actually qualify as…well, a professional gig?

Yes, I am getting paid. Yes, I am going to write a bio on a company website so it’s not exactly Pulitzer material…and it’s not exactly something I would put on my own bio? Right? Or would I? I don’t know. I mean, is it shit? It is published and yes, I will insist on having a credit placed but is it a shit credit?

So then, would it make my bio look even shittier–considering it’s an “unpublished writer’s bio?”) They actually can be hard to write. As I found out when I did mine for a publisher when they asked for one! The project has been extended but they asked for it up front. Not all publishers do, but this one did.  And no, I have no idea if I am even in the running–again, the Anthology is somewhere drifting off into 2009?

So again…I don’t know if this means anything…if I am anything? If I am something?

Oh well, at least I’m going to earn a bit of cash out of it. And no, I’m not telling you my “quote.” And how I maybe highballed it a bit?

Thank you beautiful, professional, “Editor and Researcher.” You know that I had a good idea myself all things considered…my own past experience, shall we say? However it was good to just confirm what I was already thinking. That I was on the right track.

Well, guess what sweetheart? I just tossed out a figure that was a bit higher than we discussed…simply based upon some “notes” I took and looking at the company website with him on baby MacBook while we were out, having dinner and some drinks.

The best way to business? But of course! Dinner and drinks!

J. is awesome and perhaps his company is too? He said, at least upon the figure that shot out of my mouth, send him an “invoice” and he’ll expense it! All I mentioned was some babbledry-brook, gobbledy-gook about word count and tossing in some photo work…

So again, am I now a bona fide, “Professional Writer?”

What do you guys think?