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Oh, bugger. I knew this was going to happen. I just knew it. Let’s see if I can write this. There’s some knowledge in it–not just personal account stuff? Oh, holy hell do I feel like crap. So, okay…how do I feel.

Alright…in no particular order: Headache, Upset Stomach and Nausea, Photophobia, Phonophobia, Short Term Memory Loss, Mood Alteration (Depression and Anxiety) Cognitive Impairment, Some Loss of Fine Motor Skills (Shaking a Bit) Fatigue.

Last night… Trying to reach sweet “Researcher.” Postictal mood lability! Stupid ocean! Stupid technology! Normally, I would have been fine but the seizure threw me off. I took a Valium and “threw” the empty pill bottle across the bathroom out the hallway against the wall! OMG. I don’t do anything like that EVER! I feel terrible!

She came home quickly and contacted me (thanks, lovey.) We chatted but I was so out of it. Posictal exhaustion and confusion. I had to re-read things today because of the short term memory loss. I was crying afterward–some time afterward. I didn’t remember that.

I do at least remember the seizure itself. Right leg twitching, all the way down to my ankle that started going. At least I managed to quickly get my bag down with baby MacBook and my camera in it so no damage there! And I didn’t fall over. Maybe leaning against my door or…? Yes, happened on the way home. How long? Less than a minute for sure. So, another Simple Partial Motor.

Also how I knew this was going to happen? I’d be Postictal? I took a second Valium and for the first time in freakin’ I do not know how many years, I completely passed out with NO SLEEP MEDS. That is fucking unheard of for me. Oh, I took one of the stupid extended release Gravol/Dimenhydrinate pills I have that don’t even work for me anyway. I forgot I was feeling so pukey after the seizure too.

So what I wanted to research (and I’ve been at it for hours now…all day…all night…) is just what might show differently, if anything, on my EEG tomorrow morning. Yes…my Sleep Deprived EEG! At the time of writing this sentence, my appointment is in 12 hours. Let us start the countdown, shall we? Actually, I just called Grocery Man to drive me there as I do not think I can take public transit. I do not think that would be a good idea. He can only take me there as he has to go to work but he said he would give me money for a taxi home. So kind.

Now, a few things of interest here. Maybe nothing? Maybe something.

My alpha waves. These are the strongest, basically signalling relaxation and what not. If you are Postictal, there may be some “transient attenuation” (they won’t look as strong.) There is also something interesting to be noted about alpha waves being diminished in amplitude. It may signify an excess of fluid between the cortex and the electrodes. In poking around a wee bit more, Postictal Migraines can be caused by Cerebral Oedema? Well, now…isn’t that a neat little coincidence.

And also further to the alpha wave changes with specificity to the Postictal possible measurement. It can be a significant determinant of “focal-onset seizures.” Meaning…Simple Partials. They are the ones that pretty much stay in one area of your brain, you are conscious (however, consciousness can become impaired.) Still, they can lead to Generalised Seizures–spreads to entire brain–consciousness gone…a whole different ball game.

Moving on…I found some abstracts. Or at least a letter citing some studies etc… The letter (that I could only see as the abstract) was written to argue with the first study done that stated that people with Simple Partials should have an EEG done 48 hours or more later. The letter writer cited another study that said that Ictal activity could still possibly be occuring (Ictal meaning during seizure, right kids?) 24-48 hours later (i.e. during the Postictal period.)

Well, now. We have something that’s a little freaky there don’t we? My brain could be doing a few more flip flops than I can actually feel it is doing?

Now I don’t “expect” to find anything on my EEG. As always, they are notoriously unreliable. All I do know is that I am going to be one hell of a bag of shit by the time I have to do it. Although, all things considered, they may even be able to bring one on this time!

EDIT: I was wondering just what the hell was going on with me later on in the night and now early into the morning.  I was sweating and had chills.  Well, a bit earlier but it maybe became more pronounced? Or maybe it just took me forever to clue in?

I just added it to the comment section but I may be running a “Postictal Fever?” I’m trying to find out stuff and so far, it could be a “rare” symptom of a Simple Partial? That’s about all that seems to be available as an explanation–well beyond something quite terrible requiring a Lumbar puncture? Yes…let’s run a check of my CSF just for fun.  Oh, goody!

I’m going to very carefully go have a shower now (no falls!) as I need to have clean hair for the electrode attachment.  Maybe that might bring the fever down? I think I’m at about 102 degrees right now.

This is turning out to be a rough night…6.5 more hours to go…

It’s now tomorrow…or today. I need to stay up all night now…or… How did I manage to remember…Sunday?

No wait. It’s tomorrow I need to stay awake all night for my EEG.

You’ll have to excuse me. How ridiculously enough, I think I may have had a bit of wee, leggy, motor seizure-ness.


I mean, it’s not like I’m happy to be having seizures and all of that but timing? If I was going to seize in any manner, stupid brain, stupid body…couldn’t you have at least waited until I had to have my damn EEG! Fucking EEGs are so stupid and unreliable anyway. It is unbelievably rare to actually “catch” someone having a seizure!



I should just give my dumbass head payback and stay up for 48 hours instead or the ordered 24. The only thing was no caffeine after midnight before the test. Hmmm…caffeine in cigarettes? Yes, a bit? Fuck it, I’ve smoked before my EEGs.

How much caffeine is in alcohol? Hey, booze lowers the seizure threshold in some folks. Although it never really has in me? Not that I’m aware of.

Ah, feck it.

Having brain shit is just having brain shit. Nothing you can do about it.

Now that’s bad writing.

NB: See yesterday’s post.