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Well, I certainly think so anyway. Yes, I’m going to finally do another “theme” on MP3 of the Moment that I have been wanting to do for a while. So, we have a mix of The Jam and The Style Council, here. And yes, they are all singles that were put out by both “groups” or projects that he created or was involved in.

Really, though…he did drive them both? The lyrics, the music?

There are four and since they are singles, some of you out there will probably know them all. You may or may not like them…well, too bad! PA is DJ! Just kidding. Well, I do like to play what I like to play but as they say: “Vote With Your Mouse!”

Or, if you haven’t heard these in a while, they might evoke some memories? They are some “older” songs.

Or…perhaps you’ve never heard them at all? Well, if such is the case, I will tell you that Mr. Weller sings with quite a strong English accent. Many bands/vocalists…well, you’d never know where they hail from but Paul Weller? At times, his accent is so strong you’ll be listening and be…what on earth did he just say? It’s not garbled, just a strong accent that someone who isn’t from the UK may not be used to…

So, I’m streaming four! Yep, I’m really going “for” it! I had to pick and choose some of my favourites? And yet, even though they are popular singles…they are just so good! Plus, if there are readers out there that may have not heard them–a good introduction? So, a nice middle of the road kind of deal.

And my personal commentary of course *laughing*

So here are my choices:

“That’s Entertainment” by The Jam

“The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)” by The Jam

“Life At A Top People’s Health Farm” by The Style Council

“Shout To The Top!” by The Style Council

So there they are because as always, the posts stay; the songs don’t.