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For those of you who don’t have a WordPress Blog, Akismet is the “automagic” Spam Filter.  It is supposed to catch “ickety-poo links and pinkbacks” and what not…a lot of “VI@g@Ra” shit and such…

I can also tend to get psych med things and even stuff in foreign languages.  How that happens I have absolutely NO idea.  I only speak English and even if I spoke another language I certainly wouldn’t blog in it.

Tonight, I came home and well…there were 12, yes…12 “ickety-poo links and pingbacks” in my spam queue.  Now that is a record for me–and my blog!

Hellooooo? WordPress? Your Akismet?

I haven’t really blogged about anything particularly exciting lately that would…”attract…”

…this much attention?

“Yep…that thar intarweb…sure is sumthin’ inn’t, huh?”

In the famous words of Winnie the Pooh, I ask of WordPress to fix it up.  Possibly? Please? When?

“Oh, bother. How long with that take?”

WordPress answers like Eeyore: “Days, weeks, months, who knows?”

Truly…I am Eeyore.

But I do like honey.  *grin*

NOTE: I am very tired and have been trying to work today.  This is all I could come up with at the moment.  I might write something later tonight that could be more entertaining? However, re-read the quotes above and that may give you a fair answer…

PA Trivia: She drinks her tea with milk and honey. *laughing*