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No, that doesn’t mean I’ve had a huge meal, it means I’m fucked.

Erm…rather drunk (oops.) I didn’t get much done today–except some personal things which was good but I didn’t get all of them accomplished so that pissed me off! And because I didn’t get even those things done and no work things done.


I didn’t intend to get drunk…

Oh, oh…I know! Famous last words of someone who has a self-medication history… Fine, fine.

*PA bends over for a good spanking*

Okay Arkay (see sidebar link: “Pessimistic Idealistic” because I’m too arsed to hyperlink.) Yes, yes… I’m waiting for you to make a smart aleck remark.

So, I think it’s time for a TouYube. Honestly, that’s all I can manage? But shit. I think I’m in such a state I don’t even know what the hell to post.

Bloody hell, I thought of some earlier…

*PA runs off to get notepad*

Hmmm…were any of these even good ideas? TouYube has been disappointing me a lot lately…

*PA runs off to search TouYube*

*PA becoming more and more frustrated*

Fuck it. This is what you’re getting. It is one of the things on my list, actually. And they are coming here after finally releasing something new? Yes…and “rumour” has it that the album “loveless” that this track “Soon” is from took them about nine years to make? This is a rather “old” song.

A wee young’un (he’s in his early 20’s and was thrilled to hear that I knew of them and Skinny Puppy) offered to buy me a ticket to their show! He’s a cook at one of my pubs. Sheesh. Do I feel old or do I feel young?

I’m wondering if he’ll remember or forget. I’m kind of hoping he’ll forget. I think I “feel” too old to go to a MBV show…erm…yeah. And let’s not even mention the crowds…


My Bloody Valentine – Soon