My Current Earworm/s

I just can not get these two songs out of my head! Which is good because they get me kind of…moving?

I had never even heard of them before but thanks to Mac Guru who sent me a file of, wow…between 500 and 600 songs? They were there.  At least some of the songs in the file are repeated which is sort of bad and sort of good.  It means that there is less new music for me to hear but then it means I’m not going out of my head so much trying to get through the monstrosity of the file!

So, anyway.   Junior Boys.  Canadian.  I just love the guy’s voice.

The first is “Double Shadow” and the second is “The Equalizer.”  Now posted for your ears on MP3 of the Moment.

  1. I really like “The Equalizer”, but the format is weird… I don’t think I’ve ever seen .m4a before. My RealPlayer doesn’t mind it, but the Windows Media Player shows it playing but there’s no sound. I’d give my right kidney for a single digital standard.


  2. Hi Gabriel…, I checked iTunes and the format is an AAC file. That’s the .m4a basically? I’ve tried to monkey with it but I can’t basically convert it “backwards” to a .mp3. Within iTunes, you have the option to convert it to an AAC.

    If anyone out there knows how…let me/us know? Otherwise, I can get you another version Gabriel…. Maybe I’ll just give that a shot now?


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