Simple Partial Seizure Information Needed Please

NOTE: If I seized, I may be Postictal right now so I will try to proof this as well as I can…as ahead…new seizure pattern…  ‘Geez…if?  Oh, man…what else did my body do…a voodoo dance? *sigh*

I could look this up and I will.  Later.  However, I need to make my Blog365 post for “today” and this just happened so it’s appropriate and…

…well, a lot of other factors.

I suppose if I am Postictal tomorrow then I may know just what the hell happened (not again…how many now in the past while…!)

So, being the diligent “Researcher” I am, I may find some answers? I would still like to hear from anyone else out there who may have experienced the same thing.  Or anything similar?

Now, one of my typical “Simple Partial” deals is rapid eye blinking.  Yes, very typical.  So there was some of that while I was out.  I was concerned that it would proceed to something more but it didn’t.  I did leave the “public space” when I had my recent “Kiss the Pavement” Simple Partial Motor–good god that was major–and very new for me!

When I got home tonight, it was like my body just started to let loose.  And yet, with Simple Partials, you are aware, conscious (and yet, can become somewhat altered but I wasn’t.)

The question I want to ask is, for anyone out there who has had a Simple Partial Motor Seizure, when your body is really going, have you felt pain? Have you felt the spasms and the shaking? Have you felt it really hurt? Because that is what happened to me tonight.  And that is new too!

Good lord.  I shot an email off to someone and said… “Well, I guess if I end up Postictal, I’ll know for sure?” Just what the bloody hell? And that’s another thing.  I’ve never had these 48-72 hour Postictal states! Even after the Complex Partial I had last December I got up and went to work the next day.

So again, if anyone has ever experienced pain during a Simple Partial Motor Seizure, I would really like to hear about your experience/s.

Thanks…Tired and Sore PA.

  1. Don’t have any info for you, but I am checking in to see if you’re OK today.

    HUGS for you, sweetheart. I do wish we lived closer.


  2. Thanks mom. I was mobile last night and in between mucking about doing some stuff, responding to some emails… I tried to dig around a bit but then my battery started going. Then, bye bye! No more battery! I had to come home. Which was just as well. It was getting late, anyway.

    Still, I couldn’t really find anything much in my brief searching. I had to laugh a bit as when I first started, my own blog came up as the first Google hit! Oh, indeed I find that funny!

    In just poking around a bit, I think it’s fair to say that the motor cortex was hit–that’s a no-brainer as we’ve all been talking about that one for a while now since I’ve been so bouncy and twitchy!

    Simple Partials that have activity in the Postcentral Gyrus may cause pain? It’s in the Parietal Lobe. The Anterior Cingulate Cortex is near the Parietal Lobe and for one thing, it is responsible for the motor system of frontal eyelids! Hey…my eyes were blinking and that’s a “Gold Standard” for my Simple Partials.

    So that could be something? Some Parietal Lobe (or neighbouring) stuff going on? Eh. Again, who knows? As I said before: “The No Guarantee Rule.” This is Neurology!

    Also, something kind of interesting about the ACC. Linked to AD(H)D? And there is a fairly significant comorbidity rate between those with AD(H)D and Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders. I never knew that about the ACC but god I love geeking out on this stuff!

    And yes, it would be absolutely fabbo if we lived closer together.

    Hugs back,


  3. dechen

    Hi, I was cruising around to see if I could get any information and I hit on your site. I have been experiencing Simple Partial Seizures for over ten years, though only recently, finally diagnosed. I have terrible pain in my pelvis, abdomen and chest when I have seizures at night. Sometimes the pain, not the seizures, wakes me up at night. The neurologist didn’t make a big deal about these parasthesias, just saw it as further evidence for the diagnosis. I don’t know what to do about the pain. I try taking analgesics before bed but that rarely works. If you have found any info about that I would love to hear from you. I am using Chinese Medicine to treat the seizures. it has been helpful at reducing the occurance and severity, but there are still lingering episodes and issues.
    Hope you are well,


  4. Hi dechen, welcome to my blog as I have not seen you here before.

    I am sorry to hear about the pain that your seizures are causing you. Seizures are so complicated…

    In a way, I should perhaps thank you as well as I just found something, although, it is noted as extremely rare. At least so this link to a publication states. Here is the link that suggests pain as you suggest.

    Again, as per my standard disclaimer: I am not a M.D.,M1

    I apologize for the long link but it is from a Google book search result and is only an excerpt. It mentions that there may be a connection to Simple Partial Seizures that happen in the Parietal Lobe and pain.

    Based upon that, it may be an indicator of where the seizures are occurring in the area of your brain.

    However, it doesn’t mention anything about my legs! *rolls eyes*

    Still, this may give you an idea. I don’t know if this is helpful or not. If your Neurologist is amenable to you speaking to him/her about information found on the Internet, then perhaps you could mention this? However, some doctors frown on this behaviour.

    Are you on any Anticonvulsants for your seizures?

    I haven’t noticed any more pain per se with my latest Simple Partial Motor Seizures in my legs…just a heaviness.

    Take care,

    And feel free to comment back or email me if you have any other questions.


  5. funifunifoofo

    I don’t have pain during seizures but I do afterward: pinpoint, like someone pinching me with tweezers. It is allover the body at different times, no pattern I can identify. I have SP, with some symptoms of myoclonic. Doctors all think I am psychosomatic because they don’t show up on MRIs or EEGs. Anyone else have input on this phenomenom?


  6. Hi funifunifoofo. Welcome my blog. I know with a name like that, I definitely would remember you! *laughing* I had to look at it really hard to make sure I typed it correctly.

    Thank you so much for coming by and responding to this post! It has been lying dormant now for over a year, so it’s good to have someone share their experiences after so long. It’s perfect timing as well. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my latest posts about being sick as a dog from my first tonic-clonic!

    So, let’s talk about you personally a bit, and Epilepsy in general. That is interesting regarding your sensations. Well, I hope you don’t mind me saying, “interesting.” I’m just so geeky about medicine. I don’t want to insult you for feeling pain! I mean, I have Epilepsy as presumably, you do as well?

    As far as things not showing up on EEGs and MRIs, thus you having Psychogenic Seizures, I have one single word to say and rather loudly: BOLLOCKS!

    No, it’s true. Even for people with seriously recurrent or even intractable Epilepsy, EEGs can still be completely unreliable. The person just simply may not seize right then and there! I’ve had a “regular” one and a Sleep Deprived. They both showed nothing.

    My MRI was clean too, and that’s actually a good thing for both of us! It scans for physiological abnormalities like tumours, lesions, and/or other types of damage. It also can look very specifically for hippocampal sclerosis that is extremely common in Epilepsy!

    I will also toss into the ring here, that Psychogenic Seizures generally present themselves in a certain, habitual pattern. They tend to look like Complex Partial Seizures. Also, studies have been done with up to 95% accuracy, that when people have Epileptic Seizures, their eyes are open. The only downside to that is, there is a certain per centage suggested that people with Epilepsy can have have Psychogenic Seizures, as well!

    I’m sorry if this is repetitive for you. I don’t know if you know this already, or if you have seen this on my blog. I have written about it before.

    Now, the pain. Apart from this post, I wrote something else in another one. I also found something else that is rather interesting regarding sensations during Simple Partial Seizures.

    The postcentral gyrus of the parietal lobe will give you some pain during the ictal (seizure) period. Also, in some temporal regions and/or certain motor cortices, you can feel like you are unable to breathe. This has happened to me.

    I’m just adding this in here, should anyone else come back re: the original content.

    However, as always, my caveat: I am not a M.D. I can not diagnose you. I am simply researching some information, telling you what other “professionals” have noted, but no one knows how any of this works for certain!

    Your question? Well, now. I have some questions in return for you. Do you experience this, sort of, “pins and needles” feeling when you are having the seizure? If so, do you experience anything else? Where does the “pins and needles” feeling occur, as well? If not, what do you experience?

    The reason I am asking, is that there could be something going that is called Todd’s paresis (or what some people have called, “Todd’s paralysis.”) I believe this is what happened to me, when I tried to get up from my wheelchair in the hospital after the tonic-clonic. My legs were basically paralyzed and I practically fell on my face.

    However, TP is more common with a Generalized Seizure than a Partial one. That is why I asked you those questions. For a Partial Seizure, it may cause a bit of a “weakness” that you are interpreting as a “numb” feeling with the “pins and needles.” Whereas mine, with a with a Generalized tonic-clonic, it was more severe–full on paralysis!

    So, that may explain what’s happening, but it would be helpful to know, again, what is going on with your Simple Partials. Because for TP to really occur, there needs to be a correlation. For example, if you were having visual presentations or something else that didn’t affect a limb, TP wouldn’t make sense.


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