Raining Acorns and Squiddles!

There’s an Oak Tree in my back yard where I have a small deck and an equally small wooden table with two chairs.  When the weather is nice, I sit there and have my tea.  Lately, I have been questioning whether or not I should start wearing my cycling helmet when I go out.  You see, there are acorns falling from the sky! Or so it would seem? Oaks are rather tall so these are like wee bullets (or missiles?) and I’m rather concerned.  It’s not like I have enough going on (or wrong…) with my head already!

Today, one little bombshell landed about two feet away from me and I just about needed a defibrillator.  It was at that point I said to hell with it and ran back into my flat!!!

Is there some “Squiddle” gone mad up in the tree that suddenly has it out for me or is it the tree itself somehow seeking revenge–part of nature now seeing this brightly painted target that I have on my back: “Life. Come and Get Me.”

Ah, yes.  “Squddles.”

This takes me back to my first trip to England and Scotland when I was 19.  It was quite a dandy! I went with my first serious boyfriend (pre-PA’s coming out obviously.)  Not that he was a dandy but perhaps could have been? Slightly effeminate but PA always was drawn to the effeminate chaps.  Now, how telling is that considering she later came out as being gay.  And how prophetic where she did actually date one guy as a teenager who “came out” to HER on Christmas Eve!

*PA rolls eyes*

PA was never popular with boys growing up.  Christ, she was never popular with anyone having next to no social skills! And in looking back, “Gay Christmas Eve Boy?” Holy shit! Fuh-Laming!!! It’s no bloody wonder PA got along with him so well! She was as queer as he was–she just didn’t quite know it yet.

But back to the “Squiddles.”

The trip to England and Scotland was for three weeks.  PAs “beau” was several years older and with her still being in her final year of high school…well, folks…she had a part time job so think about it.  Three weeks in Europe? He footed the entire thing (he wasn’t loaded but obviously loaded enough?) PA paid for one hotel and dinner in either Edin. or Glas. but that was it! Lordy!

It really was a fairytale and the whole point was to go attend this ridiculous affair (well, not to the old stuffies) to celebrate this charter bestowed by some King Henry upon this Guild that had been around forever…  You see, it was a “family thing.”  The sons were all made members by a certain age no matter…

However, it really was a big deal.  White tie and tails for the gents, “ball gowns” for the ladies.  I can’t remember how many courses dinner was.  That year it was at the Lord Mayor of London’s Mansion.  I mean, Hokey-Doodle, eh?

My “beau” had an older brother so he brought his girlfriend and we were sitting with some other younger guests around our age and boy did we get TRASHED!!! I mean, of course the booze was free-flowing.  And this was fun too.  After dinner, the fancy pants servers (servants?) came around with boxes of cigars or cigarettes for you to smoke, lit them for you…oh… *PA laughs at memory*

However, we caused quite a stir with the old-fogies as we were loud, drunk, obnoxious and howling at all of the “pomp and circumstance,” the ultra-boring speeches.  And there were a lot of people there who were very “upper crust.”

*Gasp!* Heaven forbid! Who let these hooligans in here?! Ironically, one of the “hooligans” was a young man who was a member of one of the wealthiest and longest running families of the damn Guild!

So back to the “Squiddles.”  At this point, it may not even be funny any more.  My “beau,” his brother, his girlfriend and I then went on to his/their father’s cousin’s place…oh, wow.  A “true” English Cottage out in the North of London in the country.  Beautiful.  Lots of nature all around.  Because of his accent, he would say: “Squiddles” instead of “Squirrels.”

We were so fucking juvenile we found this absolutely hilarious.  It became our running joke for the entire three weeks.  That trip was almost 20 years ago and yet every time I see a “Squiddle,” I always think of “Cousin T.” and his very strong British accent.

And yes, I freely admit that I am still completely juvenile.

  1. Anna

    cute, funny & adorable!!

    i hope the angry ‘squiddle’ (or tree lol) stops picking on you or i’ll make it’s life a misery!!!

    ps. i’m glad your still COMPLETELY juvenile – cause it makes you who you are & i love who you are cause your cool & like.. really awesome xD


  2. Hi Anna, thanks for offering to “protect” me from either the “Squiddle” or the tree?

    And thanks also for “loving” me for being completely juvenile.

    Hmmm…”someone” told me that the other day? Or was/is that every day? *laughing*

    Actually, I should perhaps consider myself lucky? I went out to dinner with my friend P. today and HE got nailed just like that! We had only been sitting outside for maybe…what? Not long, just time for a couple of cuppas!

    So far, I’m still safe…

    Anyone know what “Acorn Season” is over?


  3. Symbiosis

    Hey there missy…how are you…how have u been…hows life…i have been out of the world of blogging for a while…so tht of saying hi…


  4. Hi Symbiosis, good to see you.

    Well, things are still pretty topsy-turvy. I still haven’t found a job, I have been having some wacky health problems (maybe most significant is more seizure activity?)

    I’m trying to hang on, not to get too stressed–like you can control that, eh?

    As per my latest post, I’m making a med change right now and I am completely out of it and feeling pretty disgusting. *rolls eyes*

    But again, good to see you and I hope you are doing well.


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