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…but I am in looove with Junior Boys! I streamed a couple of tracks not long ago and just found a bunch of other songs tonight.


I really should go to bed.


I’m kind a waiting for…well, a strike of…lighting? *laughing*

She may not come but still, I’ll stay up for a bit.  Maybe not much longer as it’s 0400hrs in my world.

But these guys are excellent.  Wow.

For some reason, the place where I go that gets iffy wifi is getting really good wifi.  So good in fact, I am actually using…ssshhh…

LimeWire and downloading music! I have never done this remotely! And I know, I know…I am so behind even though I have the software for “The Almighty Torrent.”  I’m just so much a sucky, arse…ugh.

Anyway, I am finding this rather interesting as my blog posts are going up and…well, I’m currently trying to find anything by my current “Musical Loves” Junior Boys…

So what the hell? I’ve got about 45min. of baby MacBook battery left so let’s push it and see what I can do.

Christ, musically…I’ve only streamed remotely thanks to my *bows down on knees* to my blogging buddy who gives PA her server space to ftp up everything.

I love you dark. *kisses*

Okay…back to manic, music downloading! *laughing*

And I don’t mean that kind of manic…just “battery” manic!

Truly, that is exactly what I am doing.  A common thing for “writers.”  Oh, and by the way, another outstanding submission was “rejected” today.  Not that big a deal. *shrug*  I shot an email back thanking them for considering it and me.

I have actually been doing more “creative writing” lately.  Funny.  You would think that would be a virtual impossibility due to everything else I have to deal with.  A break? Something to take my mind away from everything else?

I don’t know.  Apparently (“sources say…”) it is good work? I am very secretive of my writing.  I very much need to trust any people that see it.  That being said, what I have done, anything I am working on will never show up here.  Sorry, kids.

First off, if I ever were to submit it for publication (and heaven forbid, it did get published!) well, someone could track it back to Anonymous PA.  But more importantly, there is a thing called “plagiarism” out there? Indeed.  I do not want anything I have written stolen.  Sure there is all of the “Creative Commons” stuff out there but really, once you put anything out there on “that thar’ intarweb” sorry.  It’s there for the world to see and the world to scoop.

Trust me.  I have a very high rate of Splogger Scoopage with my posts.

What I have posted here that I have written is shite anyway.  Christ, if anyone wanted to take it and pawn it off as their own? *PA laughs uproariously*  Well, fucking have at it! Some of it has been used as submissions to places for publication and been rejected.

I rest my case.

I sometimes think I should take it all down but that would again…go against my “Blogging Prime Directive.”  Nope, you can’t go back and make changes.  It fucks up the course of the future.  It’s already been read, someone may want to come back to it and then it’s gone.  Once I hit the “Publish” button–done.

That may very well mean I’m done–as in cooked, screwed and all the rest but so be it.  I’m willing to take that chance.

I’ve got a wee muse now though. *grins*  Maybe that’s what is stirring me into some action.  That sort of thing always helps.  My muse is also telling me to read more.  That’s good too.  Get my mind off my mind for a bit? Even if it’s just a bit?

Ta, my wee lovely and muse “Researcher.”  You’re helping…well, you know how much. *winks*

Anyway, at least I’ve written this and it’s after midnight so W00t! Qualifies for good ol’ Blog365!

*PA ponders opening up Word and poking around a bit*