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I pretty much wrote the bulk of this in my last comment but “whatevah…” *laughing*

This last agency is what is known as a “Boutique Agency.”  They deal only with specific industries and perhaps only major players? Not too sure on that last one but let’s just say the starting salary for the position which I am being considered starts at more than what I was earning before? W00t!

But let’s not get too excited yet, right?

It was also very different from the other agencies I have already dealt with.  No positively ridiculous testing of your MS Office skills for office workers or anything else that you already know (field dependent.)  I mean, you were obviously doing the job, right? Would that not entail that you know how to use the apps?

Fucking, duh.

Nope, this was very casual.  The guy told me about the job, gave me a description to review later, told me about the environment and such (i.e. NO micro management, W00t again!) Then, we went over my resume and he asked me some pretty basic questions.  That seemed to be it?

Only drawback? Ugh.  Major commute? Shit.  Still, after I got back to my neighbourhood I looked up exactly where the company was, the transit routes and called and left a message with the guy.  He wanted me to check into it all as I was kinda…erm…oh, dear.  I don’t own a car.  He also wanted to give me time to review the job description.  I was almost ready to toss it in the trash as soon as he gave it to me–I need a job! *laughing* No, I looked at it and it seems fine.

So, I called him and said I am working remotely and I know you want to send things off (getting to that), so the commute should be fine and the job description looks fine too, so good to go!

The reason I wanted to “be fast” is he’s sending all the candidate information off ASAP…as in, he’ll get back to me Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know the score.  Gee…wouldn’t that be great to get a “first interview” (yes, done in stages) or at least an appointment for one by next week? I mean, fuck the commute! For a starting salary that’s pretty decent and all the rest…I’ll travel two hours back and forth every day!  Hell, lots of other people do it and I really don’t have time to rest on my laurels here!