Seesaw, Yo-Yo…Stupid Freakin’ Day *laughing*

Well, at least I’m laughing? For now? Let’s just see what’s around the next corner, shall we?

Nothing was making me laugh, this morning.  Until I read something someone wrote in an email to me.  Now it was pretty funny and it did cheer up Madame Depressiva© for at least a little bit.  Indeed.  That was the title I had given myself all day yesterday and for the earlier part of my day today.  I went to see Merlin #1 yesterday and we actually spent about an hour together.  Usually we only have half hour sessions but I think because I was in fact, Madame Depressiva© and such a “Royal” mess, we needed more time.  Or I did?

Anyway, today? Regular routine…still feeling like a sack of shit.  Alright, let’s get on with it.  Lots of work to do.  But of course I didn’t want to do it.  It’s much easier to sit outside and drink tea and smoke cigarettes.  It gives me something to do while procrastinating.

Okay.  Well, let’s start off with the easy stuff.  Look at PA…(again, procrastination huh?) Or would that be priorities? They both start with “pr.” Nothing much there.  Nothing that can’t wait anyway? Move over to my personal/work stuff account.  Email from my sister.  Let’s reply to that.

Okay.  Now what.

Ring! Oh, why who could that be? Bugger Me, Fuck, Shite, Piss, Damn, Bloody Hell!

I applied for a job last night and it looked great.  The woman was great.  The salary sucked ass.  *sigh*

I’m still awaiting news from one Headhunter about “maybe making the first cut.”  I called another one who claims to have “something” for me.  That “something” seems rather odd as there are skills listed that I do not have! Maybe it’s a lure to get into the agency but at this point, I don’t give the biggest toss in the world!


So there was a lot of telephone business going on (actually, some social too.)

But wait…this is some interesting and big news…also some resume changing news!

I am SO glad I opened this rather long forgotten email (it was sent to me on Oct. 02!) I had looked into this not long after I had been laid off as I saw the ad in a newspaper.  I felt I was just too mental and Bipolar-Wingy-Cycling-Like-Crazy to handle it though! Later, when I felt a bit better and thought my brain could handle it, I checked and it was gone…

Yes, a course.  I called the man that runs the school and I have no idea how long we spent on the phone!

It’s a very basic and “beginner” Web Design course.  You just build a “static” one, basically.  But from there, you can move on to more advanced courses.  But hey, it will get me started and I don’t know anything anyway!

It runs on Saturdays for eight weeks (I can still keep job hunting!) It’s pretty damn cheap! Also, the guy said I can pay about half of it and then when done, pay the rest back in some installment plan interest free as I am unemployed.

Also, class sizes are small and limited to only a certain amount so everyone gets proper attention.  He even suggested placing me in some sort of co-op position with a company briefly to see how I could do; maybe have it lead to employment? That’s very nice.  Granted, I hope to become employed before the eight weeks are over!

Oh, yes.  The reason I was so glad I checked the email? The program starts this Saturday!!!

I have so many things going on, I am really starting to lose it.  I mean, I hit another ADD item on “the checklist.” I thought I paid a couple of bills last month and I didn’t. *PA slaps forehead* I’ve been so good at keeping my finances in order for ages…


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Happy to have you over to Escape Plans Unlimited for a visit.

    Madame Depressiva….that’s great!


  2. Hi escapeplans, nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. Thank you for coming by as well. I’m glad you liked the title I gave myself. *laughing*

    Yes, I try when I can *rolls eyes* to write with some flair?


  3. Wahoo! A web design class! That will be great because lots of people are always looking for a web designer. You could either work for a place, or freelance. This is very good news!! :-)


  4. Actually, I am seeking a web designer…at least a web design mentor of sorts. Let’s talk.


  5. Hi mom, thanks. Well, it’s just beginner and very basic. I would probably need more training to do more “fancy” stuff but that’s how you start, right? And again, I don’t know any of the software so really!

    But thanks again, love. It is making be feel a wee bit more motivated as I’ve been doing some job apps now and have just come back to my blog for a sec’

    You see? Up and down like a yo-yo…I honestly don’t know where I will end up next. This is still so very hard.

    Hi escapeplans, well sure…we can talk but as above, I’m just getting started and I don’t know a damn thing! Feel free to email me as well but shit! Honestly…I don’t know any of the software and about four pieces of code for HTML! And HTML is kinda silly because then you need to get into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets.) Hey, at least I know what CSS is! I have no clue how to do it, though–like the coding etc…

    And then, I think the “in-betweener” is XHTML but CSS is the way to go and what you really need to know.

    I think.

    HA! I just like to talk like I pretend I know these things.

    Maybe I’ll be better to talk to after I finish the course!


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