OMG.  Madame Depressiva© barely has time to be depressed these days? I wrote yesterday that…what…?…help…?…is this a panic attack…? I had never experienced one and from the two commenters’ perspectives; they said that it pretty much sounded like.  I see.

EDIT: Three commenters now.

Well, little bloody wonder?

Again, I’m just so all over the place and that is not a good thing for someone who already has ADD.  I mean, my Biphentin helps me sorta, kinda keep things in a sorta, kinda organised fashion, sorta, kinda sometimes.  However, right now? I honestly can’t keep up with everything.  No.  It’s like I need a personal assistant to keep me on track! Christ, and I’m the one that’s unemployed! How’s that for a funny? Well, maybe it’s not that funny.

Things really are starting to rock ‘n’ roll, though.  Shit.  Still trying to (look for) and apply for jobs as much as possible, pick up phone messages (and try to remember to call back!) and now ma nouvelle ecole?

I went there today.  In fact, that was the only thing I did today! I spent the majority of the afternoon speaking to the man who runs the joint and he was really nice–or seemed so? I brought along a copy of my resume and one of my business cards.  Hey, networking opportunity? You never know…  He was happy to receive it and put it in “my file.”  But wow, we were shooting the shit about everything.  From the course to personal stuff.  Yack, yack, yack…

There was one reason I wanted to stay, however.  My friend J. who works in IT made a very good point.  He told me to ask if the software they are using is Mac compatible or at least do they have versions of it etc… Eek! Oh my, yes!

There isn’t any “homework” given but I want to be able to work on what I do on my own (like I have sooooo much free time, right?) But still.  I am totally stupid when it comes to all of this.  No, I am a real newbie.  Which is fine, the course is designed for that and even if some people do know more, it’s not a problem.  Everyone gets attention and is taught what they need to know.  So far (and this should be it), there are only four people in the class and it starts the day after tomorrow!

So the Mac question.  Yes, he called the instructor and no call back.  Okay, purposely hang around as this man was quite amenable to keep talking.  Finally, the call came in and we went on speakerphone.  Okay…now, I get into “panic mode.”  He said he could give me a copy of one thing I needed but another?

Now, this is where I can go back to bitching about Mac Guru and how I’ve been waiting for a “key” to unlock the door for the Adobe CS3 he gave me.  I couldn’t find it.  I swear.  I won’t get into all of the shit I loaded but no…only CS1/2.  And trust me…you don’t want the wrong “key in the doorlock!”

So, I called J. in bloody fucking panic after I left.  Why more panic? Adobe has just released CS4.  So even with the most gilded, fucking key ever…  I was “Toast.”

But that’s another program.  Sorry…that was an uber-bad geek joke.

I now own J. precisely $2,395,942.87 for obtaining me a ginormous CS3 that…well…it shall be ready for me…perhaps tomorrow around dinner time? He started his perilous journey around dinner time tonight? Oh, brave soul that he is, my J.!

This may not make sense to some readers but to anyone in the computer world…you’ll get it.  I could have tried but his set up at home is faster.  Shit, my “perilous journey” would have taken 72 hours? A week? And I probably would have fucked it up anyway? *laughing*

Hopefully, I’ll be all ready to go then by Saturday and with the software installed, I’ll bring in baby MacBook.  They suggested itty-bitty drives (thumb drives and all of that) but…hell, if I can just bring in my own machine? So much easier and the guy said he’d go through any Mac variations in class for me!

Oh, and this is funny too.  When I went to enroll and pay today, he gave me one of the texts: “Stylin’ with CSS.”  He said I could start reading it in preparation.  BWAH-HAH-HAH! Are you fucking kidding me? I know jack shit about Cascading Style Sheets.  That’s why I’m taking the course! He knows I’m a keener and a geek though.  That’s why he gave it to me, so that’s cool.


  1. Arkay

    well, as long as it’s not the hair on your ass that’s on fire ;)


  2. Oh Arkay, you little bum! And why would you think I have a hairy ass? *laughing*


  3. Arkay

    uh, uh… Metafourikal hair… ya, that’s it, the sort of hair that’s not really there… THAT’s what I was referring too, un huh.

    (safe now?)


  4. Oh Arkay, I like that spelling. We should try and drive each other mad with some kind of weird code like that. Actually, I have a blogger Bookmarked…and yes, he has me blogrolled? Let me check…yes he does.

    Now have a look how he’s set up some things! I freakin’ love it! However it makes my head hurt sometimes!

    Oh, my damn blogroll! Again, I keep thinking about it. Should I just bloody well blogroll everyone? Maybe I need a new template because my blogroll would actually look like bogroll!

    I like Garland though… *PA pouts*

    Maybe they actually have some newer templates with WP now than before. I wasn’t really keen on the others… And I didn’t see anyone else out there using Garland.

    I know…this is totally off topic…


  5. Arkay

    sent u an e-mail on this :)


  6. Hi Arkay, okay I will have to check. I must confess…I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my emails–blog ones or even personal ones (i.e. other account for my job.) The work stuff is just killing me.


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