Thanks for your comments yesterday, everyone–although I haven’t even read them! I just saw them all come through.  I was post-“ick”tal© of course so I really didn’t do much of anything.  I wanted to be as rested for today as possible.

I still don’t have my CS3 as it honestly took J. …OMG, way longer than 24 hours to download.  He looked into it and saw what was in the package and it is MASSIVE! Beyond what I need but still, nice to have! He also checked the selling price even though it is an older version and it’s around $2,200 or something ridiculous.  That gives you an idea what is in it and why we crapped our pants even more beyond the download speed and the apps! But it’s done now and I hope I won’t need it for the first day.  I don’t think so the way the course is structured.  We’ll see.  If so, maybe I can hobble along with taking notes? But if we get into any actual construction, I’m screwed.  Unless I can…ah, whatever.  Nothing I can do about it.

Wow.  School.  I haven’t taken a course since about 2003? That was when I was going to become a nurse and then went mental, threw myself (back) into hospital (fifth time) and goodbye nursing career.  My choice, of course.  I could have gone back.  Hell, I could go back now but difficult to pay tuition when you don’t have a job and any money coming in?

Sure, if you have a job, you could save your money to make a career change, quit and then study but then there are no guarantees you will actually get a job.

I said, “Ah, feck it! I’m staying where I am!” Ex-partner could have supported me but then holy fucking god! Look where I/we ended up! Goodbye relationship! Although I think I would have finished my studies by then.  Still, would I have had a job?

And even now?! I stayed where I was and have no job!!! I got laid off!!! Maybe I should have become a damn nurse!!!

Who the hell knows.  All I know is I have to get off this computer and get moving.  Oh, yes! Pack up my peripherals too! I’m taking baby MacBook with me to class (of course!) and then J. and I are doing the CS3 install afterward (cross your fingers everyone as Mac Guru’s was screwed but J. says the “golden key” is right there as plain as day!) Then we are meeting with a friend of his that has a lot of connections in some fields of work that I am interested in, so a bit of (social) networking.

Hence me wanting get this post up now.  It’s going to be a busy day and even though it’s “geek school” I’m sure I can get an internet connection but a) I don’t know if I’ll have time and b) I don’t want PA showing up on their servers! Maybe if there’s a break, I can get a wifi somewhere and come back.

Oh, damn! I want to fit a tea in too! Get your arse in gear PA and quit fucking around on your blog!


  1. Arkay

    Off with ye then…

    – and you can have a nice cuppa brewed dead plants when you return :)

    (am waiting to picture you in your school girl outfit (“geek school” not withstanding) for a week or so, just in case you thought I had mellowed or something :P )


  2. Hi Arkay, did we talk about me in a school uniform? Hmmm…don’t remember that one…


  3. Congrats!!! (: I’m sure you’ll have a ton o’ fun.
    Sorry for the lack of comments lately… been way busy! ):


  4. Hi Brigitte, good to see you. Not to worry about the lack of comments. That’s okay. Thanks about the course. Yes, I hope it will be fun but after the first day…whoa!

    Take care,


  5. Arkay

    Nah, just some fun wishes on my part :)

    will see other posts first before adding anything more here (just in case)


  6. Hi Arkay, well…you know with my dozy brain and with this blog that can get pretty out of control re: my personal life, you never know! *laughing*

    I might have mentioned something about…? Nah…no…I didn’t! No, I’m damn sure!

    I do recall mentioning buying a kilt though when I went on my second hand store shopping spree.


  7. Arkay

    och, nearly emptied my sporrin at the thought o you with nae knickers under yor plaid lassie… a mite bit och warning next time ;)


  8. Hi Arkay, aye, nae a ba’ brogue, lad.

    Now, that may have been pretty bad considering I have some Scots readers.

    Empty your Sporrin. Now, that makes me laugh as the Sporrin is worn on the outside! Now just how on earth are you wearing your kilt, laddie?

    And by the way, it’s a complete myth that a true Scot goes naked underneath his kilt.

    As far as my knickers? Well, I’ve only worn my kilt a couple of times. ExactScience (if his E and S are still caps, I think so…) got to see me in it when he came over to visit my fair city. Yes, I had my knickers on and I wore tights as well.

    He was also such a sweetie and brought me a lovely kilt pin from Scotland. He is a dear.

    The other time? Same gear.


  9. Arkay

    Yes, apologies for the awful brogue is in order (sorry Uncle! – I’m sure I have at least one). However… Sporrin = pouch at the front below the waist that contains one’s valuables… I thought the anal-ogy worked quite well thank-you. (Just the fact i knew the word should have told u that :P)

    Anyways, all that really matters here is that you are back in school and I wish you ALL the best (I am a GREAT believer in lifelong learning, long before it ever became a catch phrase).


  10. Hi Arkay, a nothing to apologise about!

    Yes, I think it is really important to continue education too. I always feel sad that I never completed my degree and went on to even get my Doctorate to live in the Hallowed Halls of Academia.

    I would have made a great Mad Professor, don’t you think?


  11. Arkay

    Well, unless you look good/sufficiently maniacle (sp?) in chapeaus (’cause that way you could have your dream supporting role alongside Alice – considering how much time you already spend down the rabbit hole :P)



  12. Ha ha Arkay, indeed. Definitely I’m inhabiting Rabbit Hole Land quite frequently. Actually, I think I may have been born there and am just spending a lot of time visiting home?

    Unfortunately, Spock is learning a bit too well about human emotion these days? *raises eyebrows*

    No, I kind of see myself…well, the artsy look is good if that is what I was teaching…all…well, I don’t know how to describe that look. Hmmm…

    But I like the crazy labcoat, bedhead, “looks like I’ve just smoked a big fattie” kind of thing…

    Wait. I don’t want to be all stoned and doped up looking. That’s not right.

    I have to be, yes, completely scattered and running around like I am totally manic.


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