Perform Your Ritual of Choice

As per the Post Title…please do? I need everyone’s help with this one?

I got a call from a Headhunter/Recruiter today.  He picked me up on a job board a while back and asked me to send him my resume as he said he had a job that he thought I would be a suitable candidate for; a good fit.

Yeah, whatever.

I’ve sent out so many resumes, I can’t even remember when I sent it to him.  I had read the job description and it really didn’t sound all that fab but again, go for it; go for anything and everything that might fit! So…not a great job? Apply?

Yeah, whatever.

Not to mention, this agency was not located in the city where I live.  When we were exchanging emails, I mentioned that and should we have to meet, it would be a problem as I didn’t own a car.  I never heard anything back.  I figured it was just another drop in the bucket, another application sent out…nothing to be heard…

Yeah, whatever.

Holy, fuck!

I don’t know how long our conversation was.  And what he told me? OMG.  I am just dying right now.

Normally with these agencies, you need to go in for an interview with them first before you get to hear anything (well, they might tell you a little bit–or ask you things), again, find out if you are a suitable candidate.  Oh, what he told me! I mean, just about everything???

There was a delay as we had our Thanksgiving long weekend, he told me that he became very sick with some dreaded virus that is going on around here–and he still is recovering.  Not to mention, I’ve been Madame Seizurella© plus a wee bit suicidal.  That tends to get in the way of your job hunting, you know?

Anyway, back to our conversation today.  Oh, just thinking of it makes me want to faint! It sounds just perfect even though I know there is no such thing as “perfection” in this world! Everything is great, though.  Location, salary, benefits for the entire pharmacy of meds I take!!! Those were the three most important things for me.  I couldn’t take a job without them.  Well, I could skimp on the salary, I suppose, but why should I after the experience I have gained and how long I have spent in the workforce? Should I have to start at an entry level wage?

It just gets better though.  There are other “perks?”  It seems I am “a really good fit?”

We also talked about my resume and their posting.  I told him about the course I was taking so I had already made that modification (which could be really good for this job!) However, there were some other things we agreed that should probably be added directly referenced within the posting and he, as their representative, knew them as key.  Fine.  Lay it on me!

I went to their website too–again, you don’t get the kind of information I got (even the guy’s first name I’d be working for–one of the Corporation’s VPs!) I added some things that were pretty basic but then dug a bit deeper to some things that matched the job description and then another thing that was a bit more hidden but highly valued on their website.

Good move?

Anyway, I don’t know who was more excited about all of this.  The guy from the agency or me! *laughing* He told me to get the new version to him at least some time over the weekend as he would then send it off to the VP to review as he was travelling this weekend…but at least he’d have it by Monday morning.  I was so freaking out, I tweaked my damn resume and sent it off to the guy tonight!

Oh…if I get this job…shit.

No chicken counting yet but…this Headhunter/Recruiter is keen, that’s for sure.  And that sounds like a good sign? And at least this time around, I didn’t hear anything about other “candidates.”  That being plural?


  1. Consider ritual of choice done! Good luck PA!


  2. Hi Immi, thanks love. Oh, luck, fortune, fate, destiny…I’ve said fuck, you’re all shite. I don’t believe in you! I even wrote some kind of post re: Fate/Destiny or some such way back somewhere here *laughing* but now I don’t care.

    When I was talking to this guy…a couple of things missing. Some programs I didn’t know but could learn? I mean, at least I know what they are? *laughing again* And some business about some foreign languages “an asset.” But if they are looking to fill the position quickly, they may overlook these things?


  3. Candles… rosary… prayers…?? Whatever works, dear, you got it.


  4. Arkay

    *ding* round 3 ;)

    (going for an even half dozen tonight, just in case – that way not only my fingers but my eyes (and several other parts of my anatomy) should be crossed by the time I’m done – hey, it’s all I got :P)

    No, really, putting everything I have towards good vibes going your way. You deserve something good to happen to you, and this would be my choice for you right now.


  5. Hi mom, I’m not fussy! Whatever of one’s choosing! Thanks, dear.

    Hi Arkay. Will you just piss off! God, I keep seeing you every day! *laughing* Oh, you know I am only kidding. I think it’s positively fab you read me so much. No, I am so very flattered. *hugs*

    Hehehe…crossing several parts of your anatomy. Do you look like a pretzel, now? I haven’t heard back from the recruiter dude about my revisions but I’m trying not to obsessively check my work/personal account every five minutes. I was in class today so I thought there might be something now but…?

    Thanks again, doll. Yes, getting a job now would be so good.


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