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Holy shit.  Even though it’s only about a half day, I am left so goddamn brain dead…do I even have any dendrites left with functional axons? That can then maybe make some further travel down the path to connect to the wee “axon terminal?” I know, It sounds like I’m picking up a bus…or waiting for one.  And waiting for a very long time.

Yes, my brain is waiting for the Axon Bus at the Axon Terminal…tick tock, tick tock…nothing’s coming.

Alright, I don’t know if anyone else out there found that funny.  A little neuroanatomical humour for you all?

Okay, then.


Yes, my course is driving me nuts.  Everything goes so fast, my Dysgraphia is horrible and I am a “note taker.”  People learn in different ways.  Some can just by listening to a lecture, some can just by reading text.  Nope.  Not PA.  Notes, notes, notes! And then, even some notes while reading text! At one point today, I honestly thought I was going to start crying I was so frustrated that I couldn’t keep up!

And I kept holding everyone up because I was making the most retarded mistakes with my typing in BOTH (X)HTML and CSS.

I hereby DEMAND that all keyboards now be made where the colon and the semicolon are NOT on the same key!!!

And then this whole software, frustration business! I tried to even download only a CS3 version of PhotoShop and that didn’t work, either! I’m sorry.  Did I already write that? Ugh.  Where’s that damn Axon Bus? Anyway, the instructor only has Dreamweaver but did give me a suggestion for downloadable app. for Macs from the Internet that should work just fine.

I’m going out with J. tomorrow to shop for some toys–that I obviously can’t afford. *rolls eyes* I still haven’t bought an external hard drive and with all of this crazy shit I’ve been doing…god only knows what the hell I’ve deleted in the process! Each install from some new torrent requires getting rid of the older and with each error, I kept trying to figure out what else needed to go.  Fuck! So get me that external drive in case I’ve totally destroyed god knows what!

I was also thinking that some shop (there’s this one area that has a whole whack of them all close together), might have some of the CS3 versions just hanging around? Hi, here’s some older versions for a sale price? Maybe they didn’t just ship them back to Adobe.

Adobe.  I now want to call it…I don’t know…A Dopey? Or maybe that’s actually me! *laughing even harder*

And oh, bloody hell! The reading for next week? I did do what was required for this week but whoa! Like I don’t have enough to do already?!?!?!?! It’s multiple chapters!

Plus, no chicken counting so I should still keep applying for jobs.  Like, maybe right now.  So I should end this post and get on that? But I need to re-work my resume?

Where’s the fucking Axon Bus!!!