Major Act of Kindness

I forgot to mention this.  While I was busy being Madame Seizurella© and had this lovely incident in the middle of a pub I needed to go back to see the bartender on duty that night to pay my outstanding tab?

Yes? I did order something.

I was told to wait until his next shift, so I did and then wandered down.

He told me that “some guy” paid… He then waved his hand over to where I was sitting. This is a neighbourhood pub so a lot of people know each other. If this person knew me, he would have said, “I’ll pay PAs bill.”


However, as sweet as that was, I still have a “tab” to pay. Here, if we’re taken away by an ambulance, we have to foot the bill. I got it in the mail today and it’s a hell of a lot more than what I drank that night!

Anyway…I can’t get over how…there are no words for what that man did.


  1. No doubt you’ve helped someone at some point when they really needed it. Kindness really does help the world go round.


  2. Holy crap Immi, do you have me RSS’d or something? You’re like, quicker than Clint Eastwood in a Spaghetti Western! *laughing* I just put some of my posts up and then, “Surprise! There’s Immi!”

    You crack me up when you do that. I’m fucking blogrolling you.

    Thank you though. I do try and help people whenever I can. Actually, that’s quite a problem! I help too much!

    But this was really…well, just amazing.


  3. LMAO! Yes, I have you RSS’d. Lord help you if I’m peeking at my Google Reader and you post ;)
    Some times people do for us are amazing. I think it’s great to be amazed sometimes.


  4. Hi Immi, glad to give you a laugh. And thank you for the RSS. I’m flattered when people do that. Shit, people actually care what tripe I write? *laughing*

    Indeed, great to be amazed.


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