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Okay…breathe, PA…breathe…

Alright, I’m flipping my shit right now.  I don’t know what all of you did out there but it might have worked? Or my “little ploy” worked? Or who the fucking hell knows how it worked?

Okay…flipping shit…need cigarette…be back in a tic’…

OMG.  I have to calm down…and I will but…

First, thank you to everyone who prayed, crossed digits, performed whatever rituals? Do you recall the “dream job?” Or what sounded like it was, that I really, really, really wanted?

I’m about to cry right now.  I have an interview tomorrow, first with the HR department and if that goes well, then with the VP I will be supporting.  I can’t believe it.  So, may I ask again? More “rituals of choice?”

My “little ploy?” I hadn’t heard anything about it from my Recruiter so I emailed him and among other things, told him that I had an appointment with another Recruiter today.  Would a little “competition” stir things up? Get some action going? I also told him to contact me if he heard anything by whatever means.  Before, it had only been via email (apart from our first and only conversation over telephone on my land line.)  So, I reiterated that and also my mobile.  Damn! My mobile died today when I had to go out!

My appointment today was late in the afternoon so I felt I was completely stuffed in case he called.  As soon as I got back to my neighbourhood, straight to a place where I could get a solid signal and check email! Yes, I am in a pub now but I think I need to be?

He sent a couple of emails.  The first with some explanations and a “…let’s hope…”  The VP was busy and hadn’t had a chance to look at it and…

Then one sent an hour before I logged on.  Can you make it there for an interview with HR at 1600hrs tomorrow?

Are you fucking kidding me?!?! I sent him an email back as fast as I could, hoping he’d still be in the office.  He was and we had some email chat back and forth.  He said to bring at least a couple of copies of my resume instead of just one in case the VP needs or wants as well and copies of my references too.  References! You usually don’t give references until the last stage.  If all goes well with HR, I will interview with the VP next.  That will be the last stage.

…copies of my references…

*PA stares*

EDIT: Jesus! Upload my (edited) resume and my references to my Flash/Thumb Drive for printing tomorrow.  I have it here.  Will do now!

EDIT: Holy fuck! Just in case as I have no clue…well, it will be end of day Friday and maybe they’ll tell me but call my references to give them notice!

I am trying not to get too excited and simultaneously untie my knickers!

I can’t remember if I mentioned but the last girl who interviewed didn’t get the job because it had been too long since she had been in a particular “field” for what “they,” being HR, deemed “too long.”  Not me? At least to a degree.  It’s hard to judge as this position is an overlapping one where I can do both things? Or at least I may need some training or assistance with the other part but my resume and some interview talk could speak to the fact that I am qualified at least enough and could learn anything that was “missing.” Or that I didn’t know (basically software programs.) I mean, who the hell can’t learn software programs?


  • Have someone show me.
  • Let me doodle around (okay, not so efficient.)
  • Send me on a course (and then the above.)


Oh, please let me get this.

And the company looks and sounds like it’s really great, too!

I will kiss my Recruiter if I get this job.  And maybe the person from HR…and my new VP too? Okay…that’s not so professional but if I do end up there and the “Corporate Culture” suits…I WILL do it!