Raining Acorns and Squiddles! (Part IV)

Well, it seems like the odd projectiles, nearly decapitating me these days are still falling from the sky.  I don’t know the life cycle of acorns but they are getting more brown than the earlier “green-y-ish” ones.

I have still remained safe except for that damn, giant piece of tree bark (see prior installments for that saga below.)  However, I went outside the other day and saw this… Now, you tell me.  What do you think?

A big Squiddle Party on one of my chairs? *laughing so hard*

I wonder if they can get drunk on too much “acorn consumption.” I haven’t seen any more piles like this around anywhere else.  Maybe they learned their lesson from having a bit too much that night, eh? *giggle*

Do you celebrate the havoc you wreak upon me?

I hope you're all hungover, you little...

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Raining Acorns and Squiddles

  1. Arkay

    maybe it’s just a gift to you, sort of a peace offering (or, depending on where your ego is at – an offering to the gods)



  2. Oh, Arkay, you are funny. Maybe some sort of…I don’t know…a message of apology for the Squiddles dropping them on my head (or close to!) for so long…?

    And you know, I didn’t get into something else that was really weird. I was going to ask any/everyone if they knew how large “Squiddle” shit was. No, really. Some people have ongoing problems with raccoons and that!

    Suddenly, all of these little piles of poop were appearing on this step close up to my door. Extremely inconvenient when coming home at dark! I did actually step in some of the damn doo-doo at one point!

    It was too small for the upstairs dogs and the tenant swore she’d clean up any messes they made if she took them out in that area.

    Still, someone did clean it all up before I did.

    Now, I think THAT is more like an offering someone would make to me? *laughing*


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