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I don’t know…this is minimalist and I like that…clean, simple but…?

Icons are breaking, spacking in widgets is off.  I posted for today but the calendar isn’t picking it so maybe this one will kick it into gear?

I’m not sure but hey, if I can’t give my life a bit of an overhaul, maybe my blog? There was another one I liked but it was basically “Widget Hell.”

Crap, I should be doing my homework and working on “real” web design.

…although, I will tell you.  There is no sense of victory here.  Normally I would have slumbered away until my alarm woke me up for my appointment but no.  I woke up and hour and a half beforehand.  During that time, I have contacted the organisation that I did before, that works with “people with disabilities.”  I never refer to myself as “disabled” but whatever.  I went through one of their workshops at a “partnered agency” in July and it was ludicrous.  I just walked out!

And speaking of ludicrous, the other thing I did was track down a woman that called me about a job but the pay was a lot lower than what I was earning before.


Well.  Better a shitty-rotating-shift-low-paying-job than a non-existent-no-paying-job? No, I’m serious.  The woman was really nice on the phone and…shit.  So, I suppose there were in fact, “two” potential jobs for me then.

Madame Depressiva© (and boy is she ever today!) needs to save this as draft now and jump in the shower, start getting ready.  Getting ready to hang myself…

*wry grin*

…be back this afternoon after seeing my next Recruiter!

I hate this shit.

Hello.  Madame Depressiva© has returned.  Wow.  It’s no longer afternoon, however.  However…

I spent a fair portion of my afternoon drinking several pints of tea, smoking half a pack of cigarettes (just kidding about the half a pack…) and bawling my eyes out.  I haven’t cried like this since I was a kid! I can’t stand it!

Ding! Time for my friend Valium/Diazepam.  “Ssshhh…people will talk! They’ll start to think we’re…”

At least this time it didn’t make me tired.  I guess it calmed me down enough to do some things–phone calls.

I called back the woman about the really low paying job.  She was too busy to talk to me.  Great.  Thanks.  I suggested tomorrow? I had a couple of outstanding calls, one from “Fix Me Up” where they just wanted to follow up on what I thought of their services.  Fine.  Easy enough.  They really were great there so I could handle the call saying so.  The next one? I think something just kind of went wonky in my brain at that point.  I think Madame Depressiva© became La Marquise de Frustratione©.

The very first agency I went to (and the same thing has happened with the second–sans this next bit about the “Survey”), is that after I met both of my Recruiters, they said we would meet/be in contact “next week.”  No, that is verbatim.  That is what they both said.  Guess what never happened.  I was polite and waited an appropriate period and called both back.  No response.  I waited again an appropriate period.  Again, no response.

Alright…there are lots of agencies…time to move on.

I received a survey from the first one and someone in my life said I should seriously fill it out and be very blunt about their customer service (or lack thereof.)  So I did.  I spoke to another friend and we prepared both a VM response and basically a “Cold Call” script should the woman actually pick up the phone.  The only question…could I actually do it?

Again…something went a little off in my head.  La Marquise de Frustratione© left a VM stating roughly, that her suggestion to solving the problem would be for La Marquise de Frustratione© to send her resume to the company and be hired to solve these customer service issues.  She did not know who or how many other individuals had experienced such problems, regardless, La Marquise de Frustratione© always returns every call she receives by the end of business day.  As a result, La Marquise de Frustratione© fails to comprehend this behaviour.  So again, her suggestion is as such, please feel free to contact her at…


Okay, I’m going to wrap this up.  I’m just dusted.