Archive for November 5th, 2008

I know, this blog is turning out to be nothing more than me searching for work.  I’m sorry.  I worked solidly all afternoon and have done eight so far.  I thought the last one where I got the interview was my “dream job?” I just found one that looks awesome but my eyes are crossing…it’s one via post too so I need to write the cover letter, put it on my wee drive and have it printed…

I want to write it tonight, keep going.  And then keep doing more.

I’m at the pub.

Awww…come on? A little reward?

It’s not like I’m going to get piss-ass wasted.  I’ll put it in my “food budget.”  I’m not really eating much anyway.  I mean, I did get pretty much ADD hyperfocused on the job stuff.  That kind of took my mind away from eating.

Still not sure about this layout.  I streamed a couple of new songs, though.