Damn, I Was Going to Write Something Else?

I got all “wobbly legs” again.

SP (Simple Partial) Motor Seizure? Christ.  Sure makes walking up the hill I live on a real gas.

I suspect I won’t be post-“ick”tal© tomorrow but shit, man.  It was like, I was in “denial” of my seizure.  I kept saying, “You’re not having a seizure…” over and over again in my head and kept trying to practise “deep breathing.”


Well, maybe I’ll post what I was working on later.



  1. hey PA, I just crawled back out from under my rock to discover your new layout. I like it. Sorry the leg wobbles are getting you again, though. Deep breathing can’t really hurt, I guess. Denial, though? Who k nows. I hope you hav ea less wobbly day tomorrow.


  2. Hi Immi, thanks about the layout. I’m still kind of on the fence but I really don’t have time to worry about it now.

    It is cleaner and I like some things about it. I did like Garland but I found the sidebars and such were getting messy (I have had an ongoing battle in my head about that for a while.) So maybe time for a change? Also, on the Index/Home page I have tonnes of room for Widgetry. But one logo/graphic kept breaking. However, I’ve got a lot of white space with less Widget usage so shrink down my posts per page?

    MP3otM is driving me nuts though as I can’t space my paragraphs and songs. It won’t take my tags whereas the Text Widget in Garland would. Actually, in looking at others, I think it’s the same?

    Yes, I’m okay today. Just busy…as always? And procrastinating…as always? I think today will be a “homework” day as school tomorrow and I need to finish my reading and try and get my hands dirty with some coding. If not, I’ll never finish the final project in time!


  3. Hey sweetheart. I’m still worried about you. Yes, “dreamweaver” is more like “nightmareweaver”. I tried to learn that program when I lived in Houston. UGH.

    I liked your old blog layout better, but I think that’s because I’m used to it. This one looks too cramped.


  4. Hi mom, thanks…I’m still getting by. What can I do, right? *sigh*

    I’m just back from class now and…ugh. I was so frustrated after trying to get things to “work” last night. I just wanted to bang my head against the wall but I was too exhausted.

    My instructor managed to fix it all up. Fucking PCs in the class. Fucking version they are using. Although my weird CS3 keeps giving me 30 day extensions when I open Dreamweaver and I hit “Quit” to register. I wonder if I’ll luck out and be able to keep it all simply by doing that. I’m too scared to work on it for class should everything die!

    At this point, I am really running short of time and I need to get working on my lovely project! I just scribbled down a wee design now. I’ve read enough, I think, to at least figure out what I want it to look like? Like it matters? Lord.

    Hmmm…content? I’m not taking it too seriously but I need to keep fucking around with things to see if I can make things “work?” I have too many questions and again…not enough time!!! I just have to figure it out on my own.

    Although…I did just meet someone who may be able to help me.

    “Mental” note: Contact B.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment about the layout here. Again, I don’t know…too overloaded to care. HA.


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