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Someone told me that years ago.  Someone who must have had lots of money?

Well, how about someone who doesn’t have lots of money? PA did not grow up wealthy.  Plus, the Parental Units were too useless to ever provide any type of education about earning money and saving it! Christ, did they ever provide either my sister or I any education at all?

Oh, why yes they did.  We both have actually two highly recognised Doctorates.  The first earned was in TRAUMA.  The second in PAIN!

I went to get my mail today and I received something from the stoopid guvmunt.  When I opened it, I just about fell over onto the floor! My paltry sum for which I have applied will not be coming to me for about FIVE MONTHS???

I need to contact them but I need to sort something else out first.  Because I need answers about that.  I’ve already stopped some cash that was headed elsewhere to save a bit more money.

I may have an inkling why the guvmunt is being so stoopid based upon what they wrote but I don’t know for sure.  I’ve already been bled like a stone from them.  Perhaps I should call someone else who may know something to confirm what I may be thinking.  Even whenever they get around to giving me my pennies, they’ll stick in the largest syringe they can find and like the worst phlebotomist, painfully bleed me again!

I may post something else later but I just wanted to bitch about this.  Un-fucking-believable.

My goal for today is/was to try and work on school stuff but I am now so freaked out about all of this…goodbye concentration!

So again, which causes more headaches? Being filthy rich or being dirt poor?