Archive for November 16th, 2008

Prior to dining at J.’s last night, Madame Seizurella© was Princess Migraine© in class during the day!

Indeed.  The Joy.

J. said Madame Seizurella© “…was doin’ the twist!”  Apparently Madame Seizurella’s© torso felt it needed to revisit some 1960s high school graduation dance? Madame Seizurella© felt something might be coming on so she went to go sit on the floor.  Madame Seizurella’s© right leg started to do a bit of a jig too–but not much.

In class, Princess Migraine© was more stupid than usual so her instructor asked if she was alright.  Princess Migraine©told him and he felt so bad for her.  At least he was sympathetic to Princess Migraine©.  However, she is rather doltish.  She forgot to replace her migraine meds in her knapsack after she used the last one some time ago.

Either way, Madame Depressiva© is not amused by all of this behaviour.  Nonetheless, what can she do? The Ladies of the Court tend to run rampant at the drop of a hat! And Madame Depressiva© is so tired.  She moves so slowly.  So many times she can barely make it out of bed!

And on top of it all now? The Marquise de Frustratione© has arrived on the Royal Steps and is demanding that work be done!

“There is no time for all of this laying about! Come on! Get moving!”

Madame Depressiva© turns from her bedside to the Marquise de Frustratione© : “Piss off, bitch.”

…let the battle continue…