Prior to dining at J.’s last night, Madame Seizurella© was Princess Migraine© in class during the day!

Indeed.  The Joy.

J. said Madame Seizurella© “…was doin’ the twist!”  Apparently Madame Seizurella’s© torso felt it needed to revisit some 1960s high school graduation dance? Madame Seizurella© felt something might be coming on so she went to go sit on the floor.  Madame Seizurella’s© right leg started to do a bit of a jig too–but not much.

In class, Princess Migraine© was more stupid than usual so her instructor asked if she was alright.  Princess Migraine©told him and he felt so bad for her.  At least he was sympathetic to Princess Migraine©.  However, she is rather doltish.  She forgot to replace her migraine meds in her knapsack after she used the last one some time ago.

Either way, Madame Depressiva© is not amused by all of this behaviour.  Nonetheless, what can she do? The Ladies of the Court tend to run rampant at the drop of a hat! And Madame Depressiva© is so tired.  She moves so slowly.  So many times she can barely make it out of bed!

And on top of it all now? The Marquise de Frustratione© has arrived on the Royal Steps and is demanding that work be done!

“There is no time for all of this laying about! Come on! Get moving!”

Madame Depressiva© turns from her bedside to the Marquise de Frustratione© : “Piss off, bitch.”

…let the battle continue…


  1. Arkay

    lol! You’re killing me here :D

    Let’s see, you seem to be missing a few of my more favourite manifestations like: The Sultana of Sensuousness (yes, I choose the perverse one right off the start), the Baroness of Bunny Slippers, Ms. Squiddle Esquire(ette?), Mistress of Mayhem (usually after a stint as Duchess of Drink :P)… and I could go on, there’s sooooo many ;)

    I DO however very much identify with the Marquise de Frustratione™ as that is how I’m dealing with pretty much everything regarding myself right now. I have exactly zero patience with anything not going right that I’m attempting.

    Well, it is pretty cool that your instructor showed some understanding of your situation, and so for that I’m thankful. I hope you also got a bit of a laugh out of this comment too, it seem to be the only thing I’m even slightly good at right now.


  2. Hi Arkay, I’m glad I am still amusing you. Actually, I am having fun making up these “alter-egos” for myself. There’s only one left I have to do!

    Yours are killing me too. Although, I don’t own bunny slippers…

    I think my favourite/s are the Mistress of Mayhem after being the Duchess of Drink. You know, I’m going to have to use those. I’ve “starred” your comment so I can come back.

    Now the burning question is, who gets the Trademark? It would be rather time consuming to say: “…and thanks to Arkay…” over and over. So if you are willing to forgo your Copyright Authority–you Count of the Copyright–than I shall thank you very much in advance. *grin*

    Yes, the Marquise. She is rather bothersome to me these days as well. I think I want to take a very sharp scabbard and…now, now…PA is not violent!

    The course instructor is very nice and patient, indeed. Actually, did I mention somewhere around here that we lost power toward the end of the class? Talk about “mayhem!”

    Well, not really so dramatic, I suppose. It was odd though as only two rooms lost power to all the machines (the lights and everything were still on) but another room was still functional with everyone working. It turned out that whatever the problem…breaker…circuit…who the hell knows but the “problem” was in a locked room that even the Security Guard didn’t have access to! WTF?

    So we talked about some things and our “wee assignment” due for next Saturday and then we all split about a half hour early. Thank $DEITY as my freakin’ head was aching, I was feeling nauseous, my mood had plummeted right down. Not too much photophobia but those are all classic signs for me. And my migraines hit me FAST!

    Gee, I’m writing a post in my comment section (again.) I think I’ve got the gist of the assignment as I was pounding away at it all day. Or at least the first half of it. Some linky-linky. I have no bloody clue if I did the second part right! I’m just leaving it as is and now all I have to do is put content into the markup. Oh, and the instructor said it had to be, “Meaningful Content.” In other words, don’t just put up a blank page or whatever. That is fine, I have a topic.

    Okay, enough of this “post writing in the comment section.”

    It would seem that the Empress of ADD™ is really in full swing today! That was the last one I needed to come up with for my head maladies? I think that’s it now? I could also be the Baroness of Bipolar™. Yes, that’s a great one too!

    I could have done “Mistress” for Migraine but I chose “Princess” because it sort of sounds like Princess Margaret. *laughing*

    It’s no surprise that I’m all over the map today…you can tell as I spent all of those hours on Dreamweaver with no tea!


  3. Arkay

    Hmmm, let’s see… I rarely drink, and don’t have the ensemble to pull off a duchess look, so I can’t claim Duchess of Drink as my own. And as for Mistress of Mayhem, though it IS brilliant, if I don’t say so myself, I think you would claim the title from me in, oh, about 3-4 seconds, lol, so I grant you all rights to that one too. :)

    And I like it when you post within a comment, because it’s sort of like a secret club thing that only you and i get to share (or those few who read all the comments to each of your posts like i do) – unless you feel like you’re wasting a good blog365 filler, and then maybe in future you should just cut and paste it into a draft post for emergencies, not that you have any of those… *grin*)


  4. Hi Arkay, thank you so much for allowing me to use these wonderful titles. I’m also glad that you don’t mind me posting within a comment. Maybe some people get fed up and say enough of this shit! I think some people might look at the length of my posts and say that!

    Christ, what the hell is that bitch going on about now! She’s taking up so much bloody space! Blah, blah, blah… And the content? Jesus, it’s about nothing!

    Click. Close PAs blog in browser.

    Nah. Blog365 has been nothing, really. It’s almost the end of the year and I’ve done it. I think the interesting thing is, will I continue posting every day come 2009?

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to see…

    There are no “rules” to Blog365. Again, you can just put a TouYube or even one word. One letter? No, I’m serious!


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