Archive for November 18th, 2008

At least I’m giving a title to this one.

Today (well, yesterday by posting time), has been laundry, working for hours on Dreamweaver and now it’s about 0130hrs and I’m trying, trying, applying for jobs.

Oh…perfect, PA! You found a great one but I guess since you’re so exhausted, you missed a typo in your cover letter.  Kiss that one goodbye.  It sounded so great, too.

I’ve been fluctuating between wanting to cry, throw up, mood roller coasters.

I know.

“Shut up, PA.”

But there’s more shit going on.  Lots more.  Way more.

I’ve put this TouYube up so many times on my blog it’s absolutely ridiculous but it fits.  Now.  Again.

I just don’t know how long I can go on…and there’s another reason that’s pretty big too…

…not that I can’t go on despite that, I guess.  I just have to wait and well…

Again, “Shut up, PA.”

EDIT: I texed “my other reason” and even though there is definitely some waiting (and has been some major confusion–mostly on my part), well…

Maybe not so much, “Shut up, PA” in that department.  That’s a relief.  And that is what prompted the “Belief” post.

Anyway, back to me trying to find my way…

Find the River by R.E.M.