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What I wanted to do tonight was do another theme of MP3 of the Moment.  I haven’t done one in a long time. And The Mission UK has been up there for a long time so it is time for a change.

I got caught up in more “work stuff.”  Granted, it was only an appointment with another Recruiter but with travel on public transit, preparation and all of that, it ate up most of my day.  I am completely exhausted.  I couldn’t even be bothered to look at my course work as I fiddled away with that for a couple…?…few…?…hours last night? Plus more job applications?

But the Dreamweaver shit. Something isn’t working even though I am just downloading simple code.  It’s pissing me right off.  It should work as it’s extremely basic CSS and the XHTML matches it completely.  They also both match what is in the textbook.  Oh, and speaking of “broken code,” my Experience Project Widget is left there as is, for a purpose.  To show them that either their WP HTML is fucked or my template is.  La la la la la…

Interestingly enough, in a local rag I was reading tonight, someone is selling off a massive package of CS3.  Yes, I am still obssessed with that.  I am going to call and see if it is Mac or PC as the ad didn’t say.  I do not understand that.  Why would you place the ad and not say which version? Nonetheless, if it is Mac, I’m grabbing it despite the fact that I am going broke with every minute that passes.  The price is cheap and I may be able to “best offer” it by stating that I am unemployed? If it’s no use to the person, they may not not care?

I am so tired, when I came home I saw a message on my phone and I didn’t even bother to pick it up.  It can wait until tomorrow.  It may not even be “job hunting related” anyway.  Even so, I had “appointment(s)” so I was sorry I was unable to call you back.  Blah, blah, blah…

I have fixed a tea because I am freezing and so is my flat.  I hate my flat.  I have said this ever since I moved into it.  I planned to move but then got laid off.  I would still move but who would rent to someone who is unemplyed??? HA!

Oh, dear.

I am extremely, definitely, without a doubt, pooped.  Jammies on (my Scrubs hehe…”Scrubs Slut…Scrubs Slut…”)  That’s a joke from a while ago on my blog if you don’t know…coined or insanely derived from “REDRUM…REDRUM…”

Meds shall be taken soon even though it is rather early for PAs beddy-bye.  She needs to go beddy-bye though.  She’s almost drooping over baby MacBook while typing this.

Be back to everyone on the ‘morrow.

I don’t necessarily expect anyone to comment and you don’t have to.  I just find that blogging about them is the best way for me to keep track of all of them these days.

So…some rapid eye blinking that was minor at first.  I always try to “control” it but I really never can.  I try to blink “normally” and I might be able to for definitely less than a minute but then it’s just pointless.

A bit of brief twitching of my neck and lower jaw but that didn’t last long.  Then the rapid eye blinking got really out of control and I lost all of my vision.  Everything went black.  I could not see at all.  I think my head and neck got pretty droopy as well but my consciousness was relatively in tact? It’s hard to say because there was no one to interact with.  I did at least grab my mobile to check the time before the vision loss and after I came around it was about 10 minutes or so.

That does not include the minor rapid eye blinking and minor twitching that preceded all of this but I think what is most important is the vision loss.  And of course, I was drooling.  That seems to be a definite pattern with most of these that are now happening.

At some point (sorry, a bit tired and fuzzed), I think I did actually look up the drooling business and it is located in a specific part of your brain.  So if you do have seizures where you drool, it’s actually “locatable” if I may make up that word?

The vision loss? That would seem to be related to your (or my?) Occipital Lobe.  I recall my total loss of vision when I had my first Complex Partial Seizure last December but this was a Simple Partial.  I was aware to a certain degree.  I can recall everything.  I may have been altered to some extent but again, there was no one around to try and communicate with so it is hard to say.

I suspect that I would not have been able to speak but would have been able to respond in some way.  This happened when I was with J. once.  He asked me yes or no questions and I answered by squeezing his hand.  So some impaired consciousness but not altogether gone like a Complex Partial.  For those that do not know, with a Complex Partial Seizure, you look like you are conscious but you are actually not.  It’s kind of freaky and you have no memory of the event…because of course, you are not conscious!

I am looking at the calendar and I am quite sure that I am ovulating now.  Not just by the date but by my body as well? This has always been a concern and/or a question in my mind.  Are my seizures related in any way to my hormonal changes? Again, I need to review all that I have written here.  Make notes, a chart…something.

My head was hurting afterward, too.  This has also happened with some of my recent seizures.  I popped a Maxalt/Rizatriptan (my Migraine med) and also a Valium/Diazepam which can be a decent post-“ick”tal© measure.  However, remember that I am not a M.D. so if you have a Seizure Disorder or Epilepsy, you should follow the directions of your Neurologist or whoever is treating you.

I did feel better after doing so but my pattern is to have a fairly decent immediate post-“ick”tal© state and then get thrown into a hell of a sickly one the next day or for days after.  That can or may depend upon the type of seizure.  I am still learning this, trying to figure it all out, as these occurrences of late are all new to me.

I suspect I shall be alright tomorrow.  I certainly hope so as I have an appointment with yet another Recruiter.  At least it is later on in the afternoon.  I always try to schedule my appointments around that time so I don’t have to rush and I don’t feel like a total zombie in the morning and “perform” like shit.

I’ve taken my sleepy meds now and am all ready for beddy.  Time to go to pass out.  I think I will crash hard.  Between the seizure, the Valium and my sleep meds I am feeling rather…well, exhausted?