Archive for November 21st, 2008

Again, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these.  It does follow on the heels of “How Did I Forget About These Guys?!” like The Mission UK that I last streamed.

This is Inspiral Carpets! Indeed…ringing bells from “The Manchester Scene?” Now riddle me this? Why the hell did only The Stone Roses stick in my memory? Nonetheless.

I’m thinking I should add a new Category for MP3otM so people will know what I’ve streamed but to go back and find all the posts? GAH! I’ve had MP3otM running ever since I’ve had my blog set up for two years now! Just to think of going back and finding everything (because I am just that precise that I couldn’t start from this post forward!)

Some of you may know all (or some) of these.  They were singles.  Some of you may not.

So here we have:

“This Is How It Feels”

“Two Worlds Collide”

“Commercial Reign”

I laugh so hard when people call the latter “Commercial Rain.”  Yes, it is “raining” advertisements…

Okay, to hell with it.  I’m making a Category for MP3 of the Moment from this post forward.  It deserves it.

EDIT: Alright, I think I managed to capture most if not all of the relevant MP3 of the Moment posts? At least going back to December of 2006? That should be decent enough to more forward, I guess.