Archive for November 23rd, 2008

Yes, on this day two years ago, “Patient Anonymous: Just Another Headcase” was born.  Actually, I think I can partially remember somehow in my own head but also due to the fact that Gabriel… at …salted lithium’s anniversary is so close to mine.  He writes some awesome anniversary posts. Mine simply can not compare.

This is all I that I wrote last year. Nothing special. Quite simple, indeed.

This post may follow along in that manner? Another blanket thank you? Well, as that previous post did say, there are too many people to thank and I would surely leave out someone! A lot of the content still fits as well–in fact, probably all of it.

My blog has changed quite a bit over the last year. Certainly not on purpose. I think it is probably more because my life has changed? Well, maybe not “changed” but the circumstances of it have. Is it the same thing? Does it matter?

Does it matter that my blog has changed? Perhaps only to a certain degree has it changed. And in thinking, it probably doesn’t matter if my blog has changed so much to that degree (to explain, that degree meaning taking on more of a psych/mental illness focus.)

Maybe all that matters is that it’s managed to survive for two years now! From we wee girl who never even thought she’d have one, much less one that anybody would care to read!

Thank you to everyone who does read, takes the time to comment…anyone out there who pays attention to wee PA.

Let’s take it to year three shall we?