Who Were Those Motherfuckers!

Yes! The ones who thought I would be good at web design.  And yes.  You can tell I am stressed, pissed off, upset…whatever, when I start getting the goddamn profanity out.  Or maybe not.  I’ve got a decent enough fucking trashmouth as it is?

I’ve been working all day and all night on my school project and I finally decided to give up at about 2200hrs when I was basically reduced to tears? And then I started bloody twitching? Not to worry, not a stupid bitch-ass of a seizure again! But no…I tried to keep going with the ADD Hyperfocus.  Then I just about started crying again.

Time to stop.

Fuck, you know? It’s now like I’m being some lackadaisical slut! I am trying!

I have managed to get reciprocal links to pages, written my Home Page and my About Page but Jesus Christly Son of a Bitch (apologies Catholics…) I can’t get other shit to work.  I don’t know fucking how! I’ve downloaded code but it makes no fucking sense! I can’t do it!

Fuck me, I tried to move on to pictures tonight and that is what finally broke me.  And broke the stupid piece of shit page too.

Jobs? Oh, you silly jokers out there! You should all waltz into the stupid, fucking nuthouse with me right now! I looked at some briefly today but they were not suitable.  No, alternating between job applications and getting my ugly, fucking, intarweb, line-your-birdcage-if-it-was-hardcopy, “thing” done.

I can feel my stress starting to rise to epic proportions as I type this.  Gee, can it rise further? Merlin #1 tomorrow so the day blown pretty much there…well, evening time I’ll have. But no doubt I’ll be so deep in a hole of depression (already there!) what the hell will I get accomplished?

Fuck my life.

  1. That’s why I gave up web design as a line of work. Ok, partly. Customers were the other part. I hope the epid stress passes quickly. *sendin hugs*


  2. Hi Immi, ha! Customers…that is so funny. Well…hang on for my next post! I’m exactly where I shouldn’t be but a fucking celebratory beer?


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