I’m the sort of person who likes to hear the bad news first and then the good news.

The ugly? It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow.  I have to call her.  No, you don’t understand.  She elevates self-absorption to High Art.  She natters on and on and on where I can, in no way, get a word in edgewise–plus she is completely mental which makes it all the more fun.  Plus…I need to call her as I have to get some more information for the stoopid guvmunt. *sigh*

The bad? Dreamweaver has still been kicking my ass.  I came home tonight, determined to keep fighting and I actually threw a couple of punches back at the son of a bitch.  The bad is that I couldn’t really format (not that I even tried, nor cared) to place an H.R. Giger shot on my header.  I just plopped it there after I downloaded it.  If you don’t know know Giger, he did all of the art and creation and such for the Alien films.  Yes, creepy indeed.  Now you get a bit of the “look and feel” of my project? Look and feel.  Gimme a break.

The good? In “plopping” it into my header, I noticed it had a rollover.  Huh.  I just dropped it into the markup as any image you would normally.  How’d that get there? I fiddled a bit and hey! I have my rollovers for my nav items!

I mean, Cheese and Rice! I’d spent hours trying to figure out how to do it and it is dead fucking simple.  Yet, it’s not in the goddamn textbook!!!

It’s late.  Well, relatively? Baby PA is dusted and needs to go beddy bye.  I’ll get back to everyone’s comments tomorrow.  Thank you.  And more job applications as they were completely ignored between my project and going to see Merlin#1 today.

I should maybe try and eat something too but again…just dusted.

So, yes, I’ll be back tomorrow, kiddies.

  1. So at what point did you decide not asking me for help with web design would not be a good idea?

    Good luck with your mother!


  2. DW is like that… so easy it’s hard on some things.
    I adore Giger, btw. So when can I see this project, like if ever?


  3. Hi darkentries…I know. I could have asked you and yours for help and actually, the thought did cross my mind for about a nanosecond but these are the reasons why I didn’t (apart from being a total spaz…which these may fall under anyway?)

    1. I was so spun out of my mind with trying to find work, doing the course, trying not go out of my mind…well…not thinking too straight.

    2. I’m a big fucking procrastinator.

    3. I’m as stubborn as a mule and I really, really wanted to try and learn this on my own!

    4. Because I know nuffink, I really, really, really wanted to actually take the time to immerse myself in it–but the course was only eight weeks long. Eek! See point number one.

    5. I’m totally ridiculous.

    Mumsy was actually pretty good! Surprisingly…will mention in next post I guess. *sigh*

    Hi Immi, yeah and the thing is, the version they gave me has crashed about three times now? Oh, and just wait until I tell you what fucking Gimp did to me tonight! OMFG! I’m still staring at baby MacBook wondering if it looks right!

    Yes, Giger is pretty cool, although certainly not to everyone’s taste!

    The project is just sitting in a folder on my desktop. I don’t have a server or anything although I suppose my ISP provides access to a wee bit of intarweb space? My little sweetheart up there does provide me some as he’s the backend for MP3 of the Moment. Not many people would know unless they paid attention to the lower corner of their browser and the url bar.

    I could send you the whole shitty folder or at least one shitty file as then you’d get the drift. The Home/Index page would do. They all have the same design anyway–and there are only four. And they all suck so it really doesn’t matter. *laughing*


  4. Oh, wait, Immi, there’s a fifth page too that I couldn’t get to work because either I suck or my it’s layout? Probably the former?

    So it’s linked from the Home Page. And BOY does it look fugly!

    It’s a form and whoa. I wanted to do it anyway just for fun though but I couldn’t get the markup right. Fucking stupid textbook. Doesn’t explain anything…

    I would have rather placed it on the nav or even on the page itself but let’s just keep breaking all over the place!

    Do you know what I did? This is fucking embarrassing but I used p tags to space my radio buttons! ACK!

    I soooo suck!


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