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Oh, yeah.  Done like a burnt piece of steak? I feel like I need to take a thousand showers.  But the what-the-fuck-ever-pseudo-piece-of-web-something-thing is: DONE! At last as far as I’m concerned.

We still have another class tomorrow so some more “tutelage?” Well, as far as I’m concerned the instructor can just “toot right off!” I shouldn’t be so mean spirited.  No.  It’s just that it’s been another all day, all night, “joy of joys” time of trying to get this done.  And again.  It’s done.  I don’t care anymore.

Seriously, though? I think the content is the “shining” point as I do like to write.  However, there’s not much of that there either as even less CSS or (X)HTML…BWAH-HAH-HAH!!!

Immi was curious to see what I had done. What kind of bloody masochist is she? Well, I guess I can at least provide a wee bit here? All of the pages have the same layout (a two-column liquid layout–oooh, listen to me!) The entire font is red. And the background is all black. Except for one part due to the layout where the nav shows white space. I made a certain portion of the font above that white as well, stating that I had angelic qualities as wasn’t really the devil. Or at least I didn’t think so…erm…or…

Okay, fuck. I’m trying to do this quickly as WP ate my earlier post that I wrote! Again! Technology Fucking Sucks!

So, let me go and grab everything again…

Welcome to Hell


So, what do you think of that, everyone? Also, you’ll note that the Giger has the rollovers that taught me how to do it.  Something about title= or alt= or alt is an IE shit bug or I don’t fucking know.

Oh my god.  I can’t believe I’m still talking about this.  I think it’s because I’ve been so overloaded.

I mentioned in a comment that Gimp totally wha??? I must confess that I couldn’t and didn’t use it to resize good ol’ Giger up there and another photo I used elsewhere.  Do you know what I actually used? Fucking “Preview” on my Mac.  No, seriously.  If you need to quickly “downsize” (shudder…I’ve lost my job…) it’s awesome and you don’t lose any quality!

Anyway, fucking Gimp! I couldn’t get anything to go so I just closed it.  Oh, holy hell! All of my files and folders on my desktop and my fonts and shit were HUGE! And yet my dock had shrunken like a wool sweater tossed in the washer and dryer! WTF?!?!

I changed everything on baby MacBook’s Settings but I’m still looking at everything and wondering…I think my eyes have just been glued to it for way too many hours.  Fucking Gimp! What the hell?!


Oh yes.  Mumsy was pretty good tonight.  I told her about trying to get this damn project done, I sounded like death warmed over.  She was actually pretty supportive. *shrug* Eh, whatever about that.  Too tired to even think about family shit.