Now, who doesn’t love Fleetwood Mac? Okay some people may not.  However you can not argue that “Rumours” was one of the Greatest Albums in History. No, seriously.  And every member of the band is filthy rich because of it.  That’s fine.  Why should they not benefit from it?

Oh, Fleetwood Mac.  I swear…they have such a history.  There were earlier members that disappeared from the oringinal UK ensemble of Mick Fleetwood, John McVie (obviously the derived name?) and Christine McVie (John’s wife.)  They “recruited” the “couple” of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks from the U.S after they all moved there a bit later.

Lindsey and Stevie were a couple in both senses: musical and romantic, and recorded under the name of “Buckingham Nicks.”

In fact, if you don’t know, the entire band went through a lot of hell but still stayed together.  Quite amazing.  Christine divorced/broke up with John because he was a total alcoholic.  She may have done some minor drug stuff but no…all records say she was pretty straight.  She was also a “mother figure” to Stevie.  Stevie was only about 18 or 19 when she joined.

Stevie and Lindsey? Oh, dear.  The had some messy stuff but still stayed close after it all.  But it may have taken a long time…  Also, I don’t think Christine harbored any ill will toward John.  She just couldn’t deal with anymore.

I saw them when I was working at my last job.  Tix on comp.  Corporate Box.  I was still improperly treated.  Or a bit treated…either way.  I was more interested in drinking and then going outside for cigarettes as you couldn’t smoke inside.  Plus, my favourite member of the band, Christine McVie wasn’t there.  I.Love.Her.  She had decided to leave the band at that point.  So my interest was lost a bit.

I’m thinking…should I do just Rumours? Hmmm…

Okay, you all know me.  Well, I do stream “happy’ songs but these ones have personal meanings to me.  And after I read some ballyhoo on the intarweb about “Sara” that I’m going to play.  Well, not completely me…not, not, really at all like me but shit! It just made me think more about how much intensity that song holds for me.

So you’re getting from “Rumours”

– Dreams

– The Chain (oh…this is a major, how could you have done me wrong song…excellent…)

And from “Tusk”

– Sara

I had a “Sara(h)”


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