I just went online to pay some bills.  I have less than half of next month’s rent in my account.  I thought I had more…?

Guess what’s not working? The Valium? Guess who probably won’t sleep tonight? PA?

I gotta get this sorted out fucking immediately.  Holy fucking shit.

Okay PA…don’t lose it… *shake shake teardrop teardrop*


  1. Arkay



  2. Hi Arkay, just popped in for a ‘sec. And not ignoring you raginggenius. Will come back.

    Took four Valium…that’s…erm…two more than I’m supposed to take a day.

    And I kinda took them a wee bit faster than prn?

    Got me a little settled for seven job apps?

    I can’t do anymore now.

    It’s going to be a grand time with Merlin #1 tomorrow.

    At this point, job…school…who gives a fuck?

    Wow, it’s past midnight already my time. Weird. I had no idea…

    Maybe I’ll try and write something…if I can muster, it will probably just be shite.

    Or I could stream a song for my oh-so-lovely mood or state? Lemme think about it.


  3. Okay, song’s up. I’ll re-categorize this under MP3 of the Moment.

    It’s not exactly “cheery” but Indigo Girls write awesome music. And their lyrics…with my “word fetish…” Again, just awesome.

    “The Girl With The Weight Of The World In Her Hands.” One of my favourites, actually…


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