More Search Term Madness – A Very Pathetic Version

I’m not quite sure but when I looked up, WP listed them: (Summarized.) Hmmm.  Well, that just ain’t fair for these posts we like to do.  So, I apologize in advance…slim pickins…

you know your having a bad day when

– Ah! You’re a regular reader! Come pull up a chair.  Have you commented here before?

alike some scary waldo

– Okay, I know finding him in the pictures was sometimes a bit difficult but was it really scary? Or are you saying I’m a “Scary Waldo?”

depressing poetry

– Thanks for the encouragement.  I need all that I can get.

boost patient bed injury

– Whoa.  Alright, do we have some evil, medical practitioner trolling me? Just waiting to pounce? Either way, you’re not going to find any tips here about injuring patients! Piss off!

neat medicine case

– Hey! Come back! Oh, now you’ve got my attention! I want! I want! Me too! Me too!

+ “t.s eliot” + “the love song of j. alf

– Hey…you come back too.  No, seriously.  I’m stunned.  Or maybe just stupid.

therapist patient cutting

– Okay.  More evil practitioners seem to be looming.  Either that or we have a nutcase that is seriously crying out for help!

why do writers drink

– Oh, that’s easy! Because they either think they write better when they do drink or they actually do or they don’t or it’s just plain old fun! *hic*

Past Search Term Ridiculosity:

April 17 2007

May 05 2007

July 22 2007

November 06 2007

August 08 2008


  1. Merry Christmas Poppet xox


  2. Hi fishwithoutbicycle,

    Merry/Happy Christmas to you too, love.


  3. Tracy

    Today is the day for “Fairy Tale of New York”, which i discovered thanks to you, Dear PA. “Happy Christmas”…..(heavy sarcasm…??). Be well.
    love, tracy


  4. Hi Tracy. Well, you know I am always pleased to introduce you to new music! Happy Christmas to you too. Or “Happy Boxing Day,” as we call it here the day after?

    It’s funny (or horrific?) All the stores have sales and so many people go out shopping. I can not stand shopping as it is but today it is sheer madness. You couldn’t drag me out!

    Well, maybe for loads and loads of cash, with serious earplugs and a blindfold?

    You be well, too.



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