Alright, Dr. Neurologist PA has been digging away for hours now and she’s starting to go a bit (more) batty (than she already is.)  Let’s go with some Chopin to try and remedy at least that part of her mentalness. Oh, and I must say while trying to research things and a Google hit brings up my own blog? Particularly amusing.

Now, let me tell you, between what went on (and what I already knew but had forgotten–haha–I had a Complex Partial Seizure; you lose consciousness and forget everything!) the information is sparse out there.  And even still, I have no way of being sure that I am even correct!

A bit of a preamble.  My neurologist was at one point very curious about my limbic system. That is the part of your brain that controls a very large portion of your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System, your drives, your behaviour and other things.)

This goes all the way back to when I was taking Effexor/Venlafaxine and it dropped my Seizure Threshold into the basement.  At the time, I was falling down, having Nocturnal Seizures but along with so many other nightly oddities and terrible things, also a very rare side effect of Nocturnal Orgasms.  Yes, jokes have been made all around but with the other icky side effects during the night–not pleasurable at all.

Still, I think I found more research on that “rarity,” meaning having seizures and orgasms, than anything else?

One abstract stating more predominant in women: here in “Neurology/American Academy of Neurology”. And yes, it notes the limbic area of course. Also, a brief mention in an article by Prof. A.C. Scott entitled: “Science, Mind and Society” regarding cingulate seizures being experienced as orgasm. The cingulate gyrus is part of the limbic system (or at least a lesser part?) And my goodness! This one you all might like! There is a type of seizure called a “Reflex Seizure.” A woman experienced one of those that resulted in an orgasm from brushing her teeth! I know! That one’s quite something, eh!

So, on with the show.  And I’m going to toss in some other parts of the brain too which may or may not have played a part but no doubt they did? Temporal lobe (higher reasoning) and occipital lobe (eyesight/vision.)  In fact, I’m going to toss my entire brain into it all.  Please be patient…this may be a long post.

After what I was told (again, I just wanted to curl up in a little ball and disappear) I became very combative.  This was without any warning at all.  This was the beginning of my Complex Partial, I believe.  As extremely embarrassing and shameful as it sounds (this is NOT PA!) I was yelling at people to, “Fuck off!” and then I started throwing a couple of those little, triangular “Reserved” signs at, yes, the bartender that ended up helping me.  I even hurt him.

Now, this was the first challenge with the research.  Where is it documented that you can be combative during your seizure? Yes, when post-“ick”tal,© it can happen.  But what about it when you’re having a Complex Partial? Indeed, vague references to “changes in behaviour” and “more complex vocalizations” and that but no.  I want something more definitive.  Then I found this:

Rage is not usually a primary seizure manifestation but may be induced as a reaction to restraining environmental factors.  Patients with partial complex seizures are not capable of volitionally directed violent behaviour; they may commit violent acts by accident or if another individual engages them physically during a seizure, not by intention. — Fisch and Spehlmann’s EEG Primer; By Bruce J. Fisch, Rainer Spehlmann©

Well, hallelujah to you guys! That was the best and most comprehensive piece that I could find to basically show that sometimes it can actually happen! It is very rare but you can spaz out so horribly with a Complex Partial Seizure! Not that it made me feel any better about what I did, mind you…

Next, onto the falling down.  I was correct in my guess that I fell off my bar stool.  That would then be an Atonic Seizure.  You just lose all muscle control.  Now this is what I had forgotten.  An Atonic Seizure is a “Generalized” Seizure.  This means it effects your entire brain–not only parts like the Simple “Partials” and Complex “Partials” I have.  Get it? Partial.  So what we have here is the name and notion of a Secondary Generalized Seizure.  Basically, it’s like…I’m movin’ on!

I think back to my other adventure as I call it, “Kiss the Pavement,” where I had crazy, semi-consciousness preserved, motor seizure action and then just dropped off the bench I was sitting on.  Same deal? And I’ve also had an Atonic with no warning.  Did I also read that Atonics don’t respond so well to medication? At this point, I do not care! My blessed Anticonvulsants, do whatever you can for me!

Moving along…I was told that they then moved me out of the main area and sat me in a chair.  They were talking to me and apparently I was talking back.  I had calmed down and they walked me out to the bar owner’s vehicle. Excuse me? I beg your pardon? I wrote earlier that they were carrying me out, one by my feet and the other by my arms.  I asked the owner if he was sure.

Idiot PA! Like they wouldn’t know! You were the one who had no memory of anything! Alright, then…

The next portion of the research.  How did I “see” that they were doing this.  Oh, boy…  Well, not much out there again but apparently, if there is some stuff going on near your occipital lobe, you can be hallucinating.  And get this, with both Simple Partials and Complex Partials.  And get this! The hallucinations can be pretty detailed? Come from prior memories or events or…

Just for fun, I’m going toss another one your way–regarding the limbic system.  The hippocampus works for your long term memories.  The parahippocampalgyrus plays a role in the creation of spatial memory.  Combine the two and maybe I was “remembering” and hallucinating about the last time when the paramedics hauled me out on a gurney? *raises eyebrows*

Granted, that’s a bit of a fun one to toss around in your head (sorry, I just had to say that.)  But it was a very clear and distinct hallucination.  Perhaps that is where it arose from? I do not know.  In fact, I knew nothing of this at all until I spoke to the owner yesterday.

And no, I am not banned.  They were all still just so worried about me.  I do need to speak to that other bartender, though.  I think I need to buy him a gift too.


  1. Ameroux

    Dear PA,
    I read your blog fairly often but haven’t found anything to say until now. I don’t know where you live or your healthcare situation, but have you looked into getting a service dog? Some dogs can sense seizures before they begin and they are trained to keep their person immobile and safe. Service dogs are often used these days for psychiatric as well as physical ailments; it seems to me you qualify in both respects. I’m very moved by your perseverance and optimism in the face of your struggles. Take care.


  2. Hi Ameroux, welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. Thank you as well for telling me you have read me before. I am flattered.

    Yes, I have heard of Service/”Seizure” Dogs. They are definitely amazing. It could be an option, I suppose but I know with my current living situation, there’s barely enough room for me! I believe all Service Dogs are large breeds?

    Still…? Good suggestions are always welcome around here.

    Thank you so much again for being moved by my optimism…well, don’t let this blog fool ya! I can definitely have my pessimistic moments! *wink*

    You take care too and feel free to come back and comment whenever you wish.



  3. Ameroux

    Thanks, PA. And I definitely understand about the pessimism, etc. But you keep moving forward, which is what I try to do, too. Actually, service dogs are of many different breeds, large and small. My friend has a Shih-Tzu (maybe 15 pounds)who helps with her psych issues. Food for thought from your fellow bipolar chick. ;-)


  4. Hi Ameroux. Oh, you are most welcome! Yes, that is all we can do…just keep moving forward. Damn, it is so hard though! Right now…AHHH!

    Oh, my post for today…*sigh*

    Yes, you are right about the dogs? Perhaps I may have only seen larger ones. I have heard from other people where their cats have known when they are going to seize but they were not trained for that “duty.”

    And monkeys too, actually. I have a “Primate Thing.” No, I should have been a Primatologist? I just love them.

    You take care–your fellow Bipolar Chick too.


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