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Oh.My.God. *PA hangs head in shame* This really is pitiful.  Pathetic.  No, beyond.  I was given a whack of blog awards so long ago and…ahhhhhh! When I just went to grab all of the .jpgs I couldn’t even look at the dates.  Well, except for one because I couldn’t find it–no search box or anything on the blog.

Now, this is the weird thing too.  Is our wee community a bit incestuous? Or was there just a lot of PA Lovin’ going on a while back.  No, it’s kind of funny as there are two people that gave me the same award once and two different people gave me another award and one person gave me two awards.  And one person gave me one award.  Confused yet? Me too.

Lordy.  I hope I got them all! If someone else out there gave me one, puh-leeze let me know! I have been so completely ungracious and rude to these people already!

So, apologies again as I can’t remember what order they all came in but this is the lowdown:

Both Catatonic Kid and Immi gave me the “Brilliante Weblog” for 2008. It’s funky and has a nice prism on it. CK called me her Samurai too and I like that. *grin*

Both Beartwinsmom and TitaniumRose gave me the Arte y pico award.  According to TitaniumRose it means: “The Best, Over the Top, Wow!” Beartwinsmom described it as something that displays: “Creativity, Design, Interesting Material and Overall Contribution to the Blogging Community.”

Whoa.  Can you feel the PA Lovin’ yet? Good grief!

Pessimistic Idealist gave me the “Kick Ass Blogger” title. I don’t think that requires any further explanation?

Which now takes us back to Immi up there! She also gave me the “Marie Antoinette!” This is given to someone who is supposedly “real.” I would suspect that means someone who is down to earth, sincere, honest, things like that. Not some kind of apparition?

Now, I don’t think with all of these I can start handing them out to a bunch of other bloggers! There are four of them! However, I think I will give all of them to darkentries. He needs more colour on his blog. Yes.

So I’ll try and get these up on my sidebar…erm…well, a bit quicker than it took me to actually blog about receiving them? So come back in a few months? *laughing*

I wrote this post on January 07, 2009.

I wrote this post on August 28, 2008.

I wrote this post on June 28, 2008.

I think that’s all of them.  And I was pretty sure after I wrote the most recent one you were all thinking I was insane!

Now what do they all have in common? Me wondering just what the hell is/was going on and if I was having Auditory Hallucinations?! Well… I did some poking around as I was wondering (as per the most recent post) if my Tinnitus had anything to do with it.  I believe I was having some Tinnitus issues with the other two even though I didn’t mention it.  I’ve had Tinnitus ever since I was a child as I spoke of in the January post so it’s nothing new to me.

As always, there is a great deal of debating and near fist fighting and perhaps even bar room brawling in the medicine world.  What seems to be going on is the same question that got me rooting around: Tinnitus vs. Auditory Hallucinations (and that would be of the Non-Psychiatric variety–because that is what it is–by nature of the sounds being so vague to me.)  You’ll have to trust me on that one.  It’s in “The Literature.”  However, some of the Professionals say they can be quite clear–unlike “The Literature?”

Some people are making a clear distinction in saying that Tinnitus is not a Non-Psychiatric Auditory Hallucination.  Other folks are saying that it is–just a simpler form.  I’m voting with the latter, guys.  To a degree.  Again, especially because I’ve had Tinnitus all of my life, they’ve happened in conjunction etc…

I even found some more work that gets into some interesting possibilities re: the Neurology of it.  These guys have also postulated that the entire thing has been bounced around for so long between the Psychiatrists and the Otolaryngologists that it’s become completely out of control.  No one can understand it or define it or properly classify it…

So back to my Tinnitus and going with how that falls into a form of an Auditory Hallucination (I’m dropping the Non-Psych now.)  Unfortunately the Neuro. information was from a Google Book Search and they take away pages so I didn’t get to read what might have been some good stuff.  The book is: ‘Tinnitus Retraining Therapy by Pawel J. Jastreboff, Jonathan W. P. Hazell

Anyway, they took things one step further and didn’t just say that Tinnitus was a single form of Auditory Hallucination and the mildest, they said, “Hey! Tinnitus can play a role in it all!” Again, I’m digging these guys! That’s why I said upstairs there: “…To a degree…”

Now what causes Tinnitus? Oh, here we go with no one getting along in terms of medical opinion again! However, of what I found ever since wee PA had Tinnitus from when she was wee…

Chronic Ear Infections, Extensive Exposure to Antibiotics (for the former and Upper Respiratory Infections as a child) Excessive Cerumin or Ear Wax (went along with my Ear Infections and small Eustachian Tubes–Infections…)  Epilepsy/Seizures (of all things–again, had since I was a kid!) TMJ (struggles with that…) being tired, stressed or anxious can make Tinnitus worse.  I think that covers all that I found and can remember.

So I’ve found my answer/s, perhaps? It’s not a Psychiatric issue–unless we toss in the latter about Anxiety.