Archive for January 13th, 2009


Wow, deadlines and revisions and… *laughing again* Well, I did get that one paying gig so I suppose I am a bona fide “Professional” now? *PA laughs for third time*

No, I have been doing my own “Backing and Forthing” with the Publisher of the NfP paper and my submission.  I’m not making any money but still…it’s published work! I also have to shoot a photo (which I did before for the “paying gig.”) *laughing so hard again at how much I suck*

So…based upon that, I am now a grand: “Freelance Writer and Photographer!”

OMG.  I have to stop laughing at how much I suck. *laughing again*

*PA goes off to make more tea as she has more work to do and should stop procrastining*

*PA starts laughing again because she is sucking so hard by procrastinating*