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You know… No, you don’t.  Neither do I.  Well, I do.  Sort of.  Or not?

I’ve been poring over stoopid guvmunt documentation, applying for jobs until eventually falling over, then deciding how to shuffle off this mortal coil.

I am playing “Profession Ping Pong.”  Or better put: “Potential Profession Ping Pong?” The stoopid guvmunt program to go back to school…  You would not believe the work I have to do simply to apply! Not to mention applying for jobs.  I still need to do that so I don’t look like I’m just sitting around looking like I’m waiting to sponge off the stoopid guvmunt.

There are other factors at play.  The program really isn’t as great as it sounds as I have now learned.  I will, indeed, be living as a pauper.  I will, indeed, need to support myself in some other areas… *sigh* I need to look at…do some kind of personal number crunching? Not that there is much “crunching” to do!

Another thing? Speaking of money…there will be a definite time lag between when(ever?) I begin studying.  It is unavoidable.  Therefore, more money to support myself, more “crunching” as above…  Also, I really don’t feel like getting into actual figures with my stoopid guvmunt counsellor.  I feel that is my private business.

At first, I was really excited about this program.  J. noticed it.  I thought it would be a really great avenue as no activity was happening with my applications in my job search.  Now, I am…not so excited.

Now, I am…well, despite how much of a “great” Nurse I may end up becoming…is this worth it?

So considering I still need to apply for jobs, basically I’m playing one against the other.  Am I back to where I started? If I get a good offer, just take it?

They say go with your gut.  My gut is actually hurting right now.  A lot.  Regardless of the pain, it’s telling me, should a good job offer come my way–take it!

Last night, I collapsed in a heap at 2000hrs! I just turned off baby MacBook, laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling.  A little while later I looked at the clock.  It said 2018hrs.  I see.  Does that mean time is passing slowly or quickly? At that point I just said to hell with everything and took my meds.

Speaking of meds, I won’t even bother to tell you about the stoopid guvmunt plan to cover those.  I’ve got that to deal with as well.

My brain just can’t take all of this.  It’s overwhelming.  Concentration…juggling…emotion…

Hence, take the job offer? If it comes my way? *sigh*