The title for this actually applies to…well, at the very least, three things in my life at this precise moment.  Oh man…

Wait a sec’…I’ve been screwin’ so I need to take a breather…and no, not that kind of “screwin’.”  However, that could add a fourth thing currently where the title may apply? I’ll just leave that be as it seems pretty obvious.  Be right back.  Check on laundry, go for a cigarette. *laughing* I find that so cliche, you know? That whole “cigarette after sex,” thing.  Well, whatever floats your boat.

Un petit moment s’il vous plait? Not that you’ll notice as you’ll still continue reading.  And not that I care to note if I’ve spelled that correctly as I’m simply pulling such basic French out of my completely fried brain.  You can tell it’s fried as I’m totally rambling about nothing and I haven’t even gotten to what the hell this post is even about.  Now I’ve probably completely lost your interest altogether.  Let’s just say it’s been one Super-Deluxe-ADD-Day for me!

Okay, screw the laundry.  It can wait.  Laundry always waits around PAs Pad. Heh, heh, heh.  I just said “screw,” again.  Fuck me, I sound like either Beavis or Butthead.  I also just said, “Fuck.” Hmmm…alright, not gonna go there.

So, the “urgency” of the above title.  The first thing is that last week while I was at Merlin #1 and then had some other running around to do, a woman called about a job.  I know! She wanted to do a telephone interview.  Fair enough.  Probably a “first round” sort of deal.  No problem! Put me through your paces! Just give me a job! Well, I’ve been calling back for three days now and I’m going bonkers!

As you can probably garner from the italics, she has not called me back.  I am almost starting to develop a nervous tic or some kind of facial twitch every time I think about it–which is roughly every 45 seconds that I am awake.

The second, “Oh, Come On Already!!!”(?) Well, I don’t know how many of you caught this little missive I wrote not long ago but it completely illustrates my absolute shameful and embarrassing behaviour at being given four blog awards and having done nothing about it. I couldn’t even remember how long ago it was since all of these lovely honours had been bestowed upon me.

I should not be allowed to walk the earth.

Now, Darling Margo has given me another one! AHHHH!!!

So, about my “screwin’.” If anyone has floated past in the last couple of hours I have been doing nothing but trying to mess around with my Widgets! When I moved over to this template from Garland, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it.  The Widgets were one thing.  I couldn’t manipulate the Text ones but HA! Victory! It may be a small one but I finally figured out why they weren’t taking my line breaks.  So at least things are perhaps looking a bit better with those as things aren’t so squishy in some areas and there is more space to read what I’ve written.

And speaking of space.  Space indeed! I do have a lot of white space on this blog! So adding the award badges will no doubt be a good thing (ugh…don’t know if I can do it tonight folks…sorry!) I’m also considering some other ideas.  My blogroll may need an overhaul.  I may also add more people to it.  Wow…I don’t even know what is happening with the rest of blogland these days.  I’m not sure what else but who knows? I have managed to also free up some more Text Widgets as well, so that is definitely a good thing.

The third “Oh, Come On Already!!!”(?) I have done absolutely nothing regarding job applications, nothing of the sort today.  Crap.  I’ve just been “Screwin'” and “Fucking” with my blog.  Oy.  PA! Where are your priorities???

I blame the ADD (at least for today?)

  1. raginggenius

    Ok, long post dear, the only thing that my fried brain can remember from the first part of the post was to ask you if you were horny? I didn’t do anything today either. Hope you get your job. Did you use your “sexy” phone voice? It helps. My husband has the most sexy phone voice. It’s not just me that thinks that either. Many of my girlfriends have told me that with out my asking. I just call him to hear his voice a lot. Especially when I am having a difficult time.


  2. Hi raginggenius. HA! You made me laugh. Make me laugh? True, it was rather rambly but welcome to PA when she gets derailed and off she goes into ADD Land.

    Was I horny? Oh, well…erm… *PA fails miserably at attempting to be coy* Let’s just say it’s finally nice to be on a med cocktail after all of these years that doesn’t nuke your sex drive and/or ability to have an orgasm.

    Well, there’s a nice paragraph for people to have a glance at should they come back to this post…

    Thanks about the job. Indeed…”my sexy phone voice.” I have been told that I do have a nice voice but I always think it sucks. However, no…to the “ladies” I have spoken to where that topic comes up they are, “No way!!!”

    Alright then.

    My biggest fear is that someone will call about a job just after I’ve woken up and I’m all raspy as I haven’t even spoken a word. It’s a funny thing when you live alone. You don’t speak to anyone. It’s almost like I have to get my voice in shape like an opera singer for any job calls. *rolls eyes*

    That’s nice about your husband. Awww…that makes me feel all squishy inside. *grin* I know how that feels. To hear someone’s voice that you care about just to make you feel a bit brighter.

    Oh, the woman finally called me back but I’ll get to that in my next post. And it (the post) may be shorter as I’m about to fall over…tired…


  3. raginggenius

    I totally hear you on the no big “O” with the meds. I think next time I see my Doc I am going to request “The Big O” cocktail and if it is not available that some one create one. I bet it would sell just like the Lunesta Butterfly! Millions would buy it. Just picture the commerical! Maybe we could call the concocktion “The Wet Clam”? Let’s go into buisness together. Your geeky med head with my creative charm, we will make some dough!

    “Doctor! Doctor! Gimme the Wet Clam!”


  4. Hi raginggenius. BWA-HAH-HAH! And yes, I’m still on my computer or my computer’s on…I just finished dinner (Yes! Good PA! She ate!)

    I was just going to go for a cigarette (no, I didn’t just have sex…well, I live alone so does sex “with yourself” count?) Anyway, I didn’t masturbate, I was just going to grab my water bottle.

    Man! (Woman?) Are you kidding me??? (And just wait until I get to Viagra but there’s a bit of a “Women’s Movement” about sexual enhancement drugs for us girlies…)

    I caught that too…the con”cock”tion? Reminds me of an email joke I got sent recently…

    Thank you for the compliment about my geeky med head. I am most flattered. However, if I may move into the Marketing and Promotions Area, I don’t know if “The Wet Clam” is really something that can be positioned very well in “The Marketplace.”

    However…it did put a smile on my somewhat, haggard face.

    Not to mention, I hope your last line was not a suggestion for our pitch or hook as far as the customer is concerned. I think it raises some ethical questions regarding a patient’s appointment with their physician. Remember, you are speaking with Dr. PA. I know if a patient asked me to give her a “Wet Clam…” Well…okay, if she was really good looking?

    Oh, shit…

    I may have to ponder a really good name. Something that doesn’t sound like a dumb, Big Pharma, meaningless bunch of letters but something that would SELL!!!

    I will, however, leave all the Creative Design to you. But of course!!!


  5. raginggenius

    Ok, how about “Bearded Clam with Big Smile”? We could do a skit with Confucius’s wife looking freshley waxed.


  6. Hi raginggenius, you know, I’m just waiting for Arkay to stroll by and catch this one. I can’t remember when he was last here.

    He loves wordplay but we’re being pretty blunt here. I guess he could say “foreplay” but I’ll get that one right out here and now. However, he could no doubt come up with some good names.

    I see you’re still stuck on the “Clam” thing. Bearded? I feel that’s a bit discriminatory. What about all the women who shave right down? Who wear thongs? *shudder* Shudder at the thong issue that is. I don’t care about shaving habits so much–actually, I prefer shaven, thank you!

    Still, it could be a minor variable.

    And clam…makes me think of fish. And Dr. PA knows what that diagnosis is!!! *laughing*

    Oh, and by the way, this is probably where all of those medical sites say my blog “…may not be suitable for some readers…”

    Still thinking…

    Well, it’s a cocktail so going with a Martini: “Shaken and Stirred.”

    “The Mind Blower.”

    “Mental but Multiple.”

    “Finally, I’m Rich!” (this is meant more for us because we’d make so much money!)


    We could just shorten it to “Finally” because so many people have this whole damn issue! And it fits because maybe you DO have a sex drive but you just can’t have a stupid orgasm!

    Okay just a few off the top of my head.


  7. raginggenius

    Ok, I’ve got a group discussion going on at my house about this. My husband says call it “Horizontal and Vertiacal Smile”, my girl friend says to call it “Wet Willie”


  8. Hi raginggenius, hey more folks to add to the party. I was going to post something on Twitter about it but then I thought…nah…


  9. raginggenius

    OMG, twitter? A lot of people use that. I don’t know much about it except that I would like to name my kid’s first hampster “twitter”.


  10. Hi raginggenius, yes, I know. Twitter is kind of weird. I just signed up to see what it was all about. I knew of it but was curious.

    My mind just about blew up when I saw some people who had such a high number of “followers!” Like over a 1,000 or something! I was, huh? How the hell do you keep up with everybody posting these tiny notes everywhere on everybody else’s pages!!!

    I mean, I only have a few people following me and if I don’t sign on to it for a while, I find I’m going back and back and back through pages just to see if someone left me a wee “back at ya” sort of message. Which of course they don’t. *laughing* Well, I’ve had a few…

    It’s good in that your blog posts get ping’d to it so some people may come by and read you (I’ve had some but it could just be my followers–that makes me laugh–am I cult leader?) *snickers and rolls eyes* Of it could be someone passing by from…?

    And I rarely make any comments. I guess I could but…I don’t know.

    A hamster named Twitter. Well, much better than “Hammy,” that’s for sure!


  11. raginggenius

    I have too much of a big mouth and am too opinionated not to leave comments.


  12. raginggenius

    Twitter could also be some redneck dude’s name. Jeff Foxworthy wasn’t really very funny to me when I lived in N.Y. Since I have moved way down south the term takes on a whole new meaning because I get to see real rednecks in action. It’s like watching a never ending Foxworth special. I am constantly laughing my ass off! I should take some pictures and video of these ****ers and start a whole new category.


  13. Hi raginggenius, nothing wrong with that. I have lots of things to say, too. If I had more time and my life was more settled, it would give me more of an opportunity to do more blog reading and then, more of an opportunity to say things as well.

    The one thing that kind of ticks me off about Twitter is that you are only limited to a certain amount of characters–not good for “Verbose PA!”

    *laughing* Twitter as a redneck’s name. Well, have you seen my sidebar? The first right column?

    There is the .jpg of the kid with a dunce cap in the corner. It has the title above it that says: “WANT MORE? TRACK THE TWIT(TER…) If you mouse over it, there is a rollover I added that says: “Dumb PA in the Corner”

    If you click on that, it takes you to my Twitter Page. I was trying to be clever with the “TWIT(TER…)” part by calling myself a “twit.” And it’s all in block caps as this template just puts the titles for some (most?) Widgets like that. That is a Text Widget I used? I think so, yes.

    I find some of those comics that keep going…wow, it must be hard. Do they have a shelf life? Well, for the television ones they have other writers to help them with ideas. But for stand up! That is difficult! You’re on your own there!

    Oh, I hear you re: the “in action” business. I can understand the paradigm a bit–even though I am in Canada? It may be somewhat different?

    I live in a city but my sister is out in the country and she is…whoa…some of the stories she tells me make me laugh. Well, just about everything we talk about makes me laugh because we are so silly together. I have a post related to her but it’s going to take me some time–due to the content.

    I did use to live where she does now for a brief period. And where we grew up??? Oy vey! It was a “small town” so say no more. Not as small as where she is now but still bad…

    That actually is a really great idea for your blog! I love it!


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