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Have I done enough yet?

I felt so utterly guilty after yesterday for getting no work done (that being work for work) I think I was hammering away today for about five or six hours straight? I contacted all of my Recruiters, a couple got back to me with big, fat zeros.  Which isn’t “necessarily” true as there are direct-to-employer jobs out there where I am placing my focus.  Maybe people just aren’t going to Agencies? Whatever.

I applied for some jobs.  However, I haven’t scoured all of my resources as I am almost ready for bed and it’s sort of around dinner time here.  And speaking of bed! My sleep last night! Horrible! I was having nightmares about “what I have learned and things people have taught me that have disappeared from my life!”

I don’t think I should have written that post.

Anyway, that woman finally called me back for the telephone interview! I was just about leaping with joy (as high up or even as possible that someone can leap from their bed with a laptop on their…lap?) Anyway, all friendly and chipper we both were.  I may have scored some points as I had already done some research that I pulled straight out for this “first round’er.”  If I am short listed, I shall hear back in two weeks.

Oh, please…please…

Another thing I did was contact this sort of “place” or “organization” that assists people with “disabilities” in finding employment.  I dealt with them a while back–quite a few months ago.

Now, I don’t refer to myself as “disabled” but when I blogged about it before, it was like, fuck this “disabled” shit, I need a job! Well, obviously things have not improved? They have worsened!

I spoke to the man where I ended up before and I told him about some of the changes since I was last there.  He said he’d get right on things as per exactly what I needed since I still met the criteria.  He’d call me tomorrow and see how soon he could get me in and get things rolling.  So, perhaps some movement there?

I suppose the one good thing if the above bears fruit, is that I will be working for a sympathetic employer? If I go completely mental and lose it, end up in hospital for the seventh time they’ll be just fine with that!!! *PA shakes head*