J. and I are truly redonculous.  Yesterday we had a rather large snow storm but we kept our “date” to go and pick up my printer.  Good Lord! He lives about two hours from me but in “good weather,” I can generally make it in less than that via public transit.  Well, of course yesterday it took me almost 2.5 hours?

So we had dinner, lazed around in avoidance mode and finally picked the damn thing up, plus a few other items I needed so in reality, the printer wasn’t exactly $100 but the final bill was.  Then another two hour trek back to my place.

Now, it’s not that I can’t buy these things on my own but J. works in IT so I drag him along just to make sure I am getting the best deal etc…  Also, I needed light bulbs as mine had all gone out in my “living room” where the thing had to be set up.  Kind of hard to do things like that by…the light of a television screen? Plus, I’m too short to replace them and I don’t have a ladder.  Plus, I needed him to carry the printer.

Plus, I finally bought a battery for my smoke detector that died, when? Last summer? Burn, PA! Burn! Let’s get him all tall and put that damn thing up on the ceiling too!

It’s a nice wee printer.  The only thing is that it won’t fax.  But I checked the specs on baby MacBook and I don’t have a fax card or…capabilities…something…

W’ot the bloody ‘ell???

The only “thing” I can do is send something to a Bluetooth? Now why on earth would PA have a Bluetooth?! It’s not like I walk around all “hands free.”  I don’t have a car to even drive around “hands free!”

Wait a minute.  That sounds pretty dangerous! I know there’s “Cruise Control” but they haven’t developed some kind of Autopilot (sorry, couldn’t resist.)  And no doubt, if I keep having more seizures, I’ll never be able to drive again anyway!

So, forget the faxing.  The trade off is that it’s Wifi! W00t! I can work away on my bed and…click! Off things go about a whole 20 feet or less to my printer! It is handy though. I don’t have to carry my stupid wonderful laptop over to it every time I want to print something.

So, yes…we braved the absolutely, terrible, disgusting weather to get me a printer I can not afford! As above, redonculous, and total loss of gray matter.

Oh, and I probably lost even more brain cells later.  Getting ready for beddy and then…AHHHH!!! The pain struck.  Stupid, fucking migraine!!! I have blogged before that I can’t tell when they are coming on as my prodrome…I can never identify it and the migraines hit so fast.  In looking back, however, things fit and it’s always the same.  Moodiness.  Although, not like when I cycle with Bipolar.  Not that extreme.

I had been quite up and down for the last few days and migraine prodromes can last for yes, days.  Sometimes even longer? And they can include mood changes.  So, I took all my meds including my triptan and lay in pain for a significant while not being able to sleep.  If you can believe it, with photophobia, I got up to watch television! But I just couldn’t stand laying there doing nothing in pain! I don’t even remember what I watched.  I just waited until I felt sleepy enough to go back to bed.

Now I’m in postdrome hell.  Or what I simply refer to as the second day, “migraine hangover.”  Oh, I feel hungover, indeed.  It’s always a two day thing for me.  Ugh.  I’m just sitting around, drinking tea and trying to figure out how to pass time (with as little energy expenditure as possible.) That is, until it’s time for bed–where I stayed for most of the day anyway trying to sleep everything off!

So now, my sleep schedule is all messed up again? *sigh*

It probably doesn’t matter as it has not been good this last while and I’ve been being plagued with very unpleasant dreams lately.

  1. Don’t forget you have a date at the bus station tomorrow…



  2. Hi Gabriel…. *giggle*

    Why yes, I do! Nope…not forgotten at all…

    And three? Now, I’m really curious…


    EDIT: I got one but the other…hmmm…


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